VIDEO: Tennessee fan trolls Florida… and then begs them to let Vols win

I normally don’t write articles about YouTube videos on this site, particularly troll videos. I’d much rather just post it on social media, or if it’s a desperate fan just wanting attention, I merely ignore it so the fan is deprived of what he wants- an audience.

But I’m making an exception for this video, from a Tennessee fan with the YouTube name of Big Vol Daddy, because it epitomizes the state of the Florida-Tennessee rivalry. Sure, Florida’s 29 straight wins over Kentucky is more amazing and ridiculous than the Gators’ ten game streak over Tennessee, but that series doesn’t have the title of “rivalry” like Florida-Tennessee does. Fans of both teams care about the outcome of this game much more than they do Florida-Kentucky, as Wildcats fans’ true desire to beat Florida on the gridiron can be pinpointed to one day a year. And then they go back to caring about basketball.

Unlike Florida-Kentucky, a giant losing streak in this rivalry can eat a person alive from the inside out. Just ask this guy, who makes a video that starts out as a brash, rambunctious threat to walk into the Swamp and beat the Gators and turns into a grown man near tears, just begging to beat Florida.

WARNING: it’s got some R rated language in there, but since the whole concept of the video is truly hilarious, I don’t really care. Just… consider yourself warned if you do.

15 thoughts on “VIDEO: Tennessee fan trolls Florida… and then begs them to let Vols win

  1. that was the stupidest thing I’ve seen….I hope Florida brings it, so we can hand them their ass

  2. He actually has an audience, I’m actually subbed to him on YouTube he’s hilarious. My favorite Tennessee fan, BVD was the same guy with the hilarious video last year when we made it 10.

  3. I wondered where all the views were coming from. It should be noted that im NOT trolling in this video, i SINCERELY would be happy if you guys would just walk out saturday and forfeit. It’s gotten to this point for us vols fans….hehehe….OR, we can just come out and kick your butts like we USE TO DO….your choice.

  4. Alan, the dude wearing the miami jersey is a dude named “unk” or “canseshades”…..i spoofed his video in my video here…check him out on youtube, his channel name is “caneshadesradio2”

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