Video Version: Adam Allen Interview

Before I get to the title, let’s break down last night’s game first.

Butler is horrible.

There’s just no other way to say it.

How the hell did they even GET to the Finals???

After watching that game last night, and I’m sorry, Gators players who might be reading this, but COME ON.

They have no outside shooting, no dominating inside game, no nothing offensively.

Shelvin Mack is good. He is nowhere near Kenny Boynton’s level. At least Boynton can drive successfully when his outside shot isn’t falling.

Maybe it was the Curse of the Gator Chomp, but Butler shot a humiliating 18%. Yes, Butler’s shooting was so bad, had they made THREE TIMES as many shots as they missed, it’s still barely above .500, and barely passable.

That qualifies as the worst shooting performance EVER in a championship game.

So, Gator fans, if you’re sent to Iraq, and somehow the Iraqis paid off a group of Butler basketball players to fight for them, feel free to take your time strolling along through their camp. Do whatever you please. Give them the finger. Spit on them. Flash them. It won’t matter.

If Butler cannot even make one out of 5 shots at a STATIONARY target, how the hell will they hit a MOVING one???

For god’s sake, Butler’s offense was so bad that it finished with fewer points than the Gator football team scored on THREE DIFFERENT OCCASIONS!!!


AND WITHOUT TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, Trey Burton accounted for more points against Kentucky ALL BY HIMSELF than Butler scored as a team.

How sad.

Really: Butler struggled to get 41. Burton scored 6 TD’s, meaning 42 points (a PAT  was actually blocked… but shhhhhh, I’m on a rant, don’t stop me).

And Florida scored 48 against Kentucky and App State, and 55 against Vanderbilt.

Which makes me feel even worse about this senior class.

They were a far better team than this group of amateurs, and they did not play like it. Good thing Butler plays good defense, or they would have been crushed in round one against Old Dominion.

This game was worse than Florida-Auburn, because these were supposedly the top two teams in the nation.


Enough of that.

I’ve got the video of the interview of Adam Allen (though it’s just me pointing my camera at the phone) onto youtube. I shortened his answers a bit for the text version, but now you’ll be able to hear everything he said on this version.

Sorry about the poor qualit of the audio for the first minute or so.

Here it is:


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