Video: WCWS Championship Game 3, Florida vs. Michigan

A little throwback Thursday.

Once upon a time, Steve Spurrier guided Florida to a national championship with a 52-20 win over FSU in the Sugar Bowl. That win cemented Florida’s reputation as a football school, as did the six SEC Championship rings Spurrier picked up. The football school theory was bolstered¬†when Urban Meyer guided Florida to two more national championships in 2006 and 2008.

But wait, said Billy Donovan. We’re a basketball school, too. See? Back to back national championships, plus four Final Fours… I think we’re a basketball school. Right?

Then along came Tim Walton, who guided Florida to back to back national championships on the softball diamond. Football school? No. Basketball school? No.¬†Call UF… the Everything School.

Enjoy reliving Game 3 of the 2015 WCWS Championship Series, which secured Florida’s reputation as a dominant athletic program. At any and every sport.

One thought on “Video: WCWS Championship Game 3, Florida vs. Michigan

  1. I’m not a huge softball fan. I’ll admit it. Just don’t love the game. But the fact that these girls are willing to push their bodies to the absolute limit in order to bring glory to the school makes me love them like daughters. Back to back titles. My lord. Keep it up, ladies.

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