WATCH: former Gators DL Carlos Dunlap graduates from UF… at the NFL Draft

Allow me to present your daily dose of Gators zen.

The NFL Draft allows current and former players to walk onstage and announce second-seventh round picks on behalf of their teams. Yet what you’re about to see crosses the line from a nice moment to pure awesomeness.

That’s former Florida defensive end Carlos Dunlap, a terrifying pass rusher from 2007-09. He’s also made a name for himself with the Cincinnati Bengals, and became the franchise’s single season sack leader last year. In short, he’s more than deserving of announcing their third round pick.

But unfortunately for Dunlap, today was also the day he was supposed to graduate. So he just decided to combine the two events into one, giving UF a shoutout in the process. (That may have been the most subtle yet effective recruiting tool I’ve ever seen!)

In any case, it’s great to see him graduate. Too many college athletes forget to be students these days, and take the value of an education for granted. Dunlap sent a great message last night, and the fact that he did it as a representative of UF makes me that much more proud to call myself a fan of that school.