Watch: incoming Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro aims for upright… and hits it

We already know Eddy Pineiro has a huge leg. He’s proven that time and again, connecting on field goals of 65, 70, 73 and 77 yards. But what about the other part of the equation? Is he accurate?

Well, the Gators’ early enrollee kicker recruit seemed to answer that question today…

Pineiro was kicking from the corner of the end zone, so we can’t get a precise distance for how far away he was that way, but let’s do the math. A football field is 53 yards wide, and the goalposts are approximately 6 yards wide. Divide 53 by 2 to get 26 and a half, which puts you at the middle of the field where the goalposts are centered, and now subtract three for the half of the posts on his side and one more since the ball seems to be placed a yard into the field.

Now let’s sum that all up. Assuming the field he was practicing on was a regulation field, that looks to be the equivalent of about a 22-23 yard field goal. So he aimed for the upright from roughly 22 and a half yards away, and nailed it dead center. Not bad.

Although none of these kicks came in real, live game action, it’s still nice to see somebody who we know will someday be kicking for our favorite team have this much natural talent given the issues we’ve had at that position recently. Merry Christmas, Gator Nation. Looks like we got a kicker.

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