Week 1 Picks

I cannot believe I forgot to post my predictions on the SEC games week 1 of the season. I made a score projection for fun, and then I could claim to be a genius if the score was right. But here they were:

Florida 73, FAU 3: Correct

Boise State 45, Georgia 13: Correct

LSU 31, Oregon 27: Correct

Mississippi State 37, Memphis 6: Correct

Ole Miss 34, BYU 13: Incorrect

South Carolina 69, East Carolina 7: Correct

Tennessee 52, Montana 13: Correct

Auburn 51, Utah State 14: Correct

Alabama 62, Kent State 6: Correct

Kentucky 38, Western Kentucky 24: Correct

Arkansas 70, Missouri State 13: Correct

Vanderbilt 28, Elon 13: Correct

So, I’m 11-1 after one week and would have been perfect if the Rebels had not done an excellent job screwing themselves against BYU at home. I did get the two big games right, Boise-Georgia and LSU-Oregon, so that’s good. But it’s about to get a lot tougher when the SEC conference games begin. The goal for me is .750%. There will be 100 games for me: the 96 conference games, the SEC Championship game, and the three highest ranked SEC teams’ bowl games.

You guys join along and post them in the comments box each week and we’ll see who wins! Post who you thought would win each game for this past week in the comments box too, and be honest, it makes it more fun!!! If you were perfect, that’s great… but we’ll see how well you do the rest of the season!!!

7 thoughts on “Week 1 Picks

  1. True but you might not have done that so as not to look to suspicious. I’m on to Mr. Shulman. 😉

  2. If I was so arrogant as to boast about my genius SEC pick em knowledge, I would have made them perfect. Nice try… are you Ant Jr.? I mean you think everything is fake…

  3. [b]HEY![/b] There are some insults I can take and then there are some I can not. And calling me Ant Jr. is one of them!
    P.S-I was just screwing with you.

  4. I know you were just screwing with me. And yeah sorry, that’s what’s known as a shot below the belt.

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