Welcome to IAKOW 3.0: A Fox Sports/Yardbarker Affiliate

Hey Gator fans, I just wanted to give you the quick heads up that our deal with Fox Sports and Yardbarker has gone through, making it a done deal. We are now officially a member of Fox’s sports blogging network, I am now officially getting paid to cover Gator sports, and I am officially thrilled.

I said most of my thank you’s earlier in the week, but I’ll run through them again: to Ryan Moyer, for EVERYTHING he’s done for me, to my wonderful readers and commenters, most of whom are thoughtful, intelligent and sometimes brutally honest, and to my fantastic team of staff writers.

After thinking this through carefully, (and reading through the four emails I got from my readers with their thoughts), I’ve decided not to change much about this site. The consensus is, you guys like how I run In All Kinds Of Weather, with the perfect balance between deep, thoughtful analysis and taking some (usually) good natured shots at our buddies over in Tallahassee and Athens. There are a few minor changes that are going to take place, though.

First, I’d like to welcome back Tanner Dennie and NW Blackmon from their time off. They’re back now as full time staff writers, and NWB just put out this fantastic article about why Georgia is Florida’s biggest game. I look forward to reading and editing (but mostly just reading, because they’re both really good) their future work.

Next, I’m thrilled to announce that our recruiting coverage, which was previously pretty good, is now about to skyrocket. I’ve successfully swiped Rivals’ top recruiting source. Yes, guys like Zach Abolverdi do get their info from someone, and now I’ve got that someone. He requests to be anonymous, but just know that we’re about to become the best at predicting which recruit will go where. In fact, we’re already on our way in that department:

Baker was predicted to go to Ohio State by 98% of the voters on 247 sports. 12 hours after I tweeted this, he pulled the biggest surprise of the 2015 recruiting class so far and committed to Florida. So basically, if you want to know whether a recruit is about to pick Florida or not, all you have to do is follow us on twitter and check for who we predict is going where. So far, we’re batting 1.000% with our new source, and I’d like to think we can stay there.

Last thing: even though we have Joey Vizzi, Tyler “Bone” Mack, Nick Joost and the aforementioned Tanner and NWB, I’m looking for one more guy. Send me an email (neilshulman@verizon.net) if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, and we’ll discuss it. If you know somebody who may be interested, have him or her send me an email and we’ll discuss it. And of course, if you ever have any suggestions on how to make the site better, send me an email and we’ll discuss that too.

I’m excited, guys. I plan on making In All Kinds Of Weather the best Gator site it can possibly be, and I hope you plan on being there with me throughout the journey. Get ready, because we’re going to hit the ground running on Monday!

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