Welcoming Two (More) New Writers To IAKOW

As part of my promise to ramp up coverage of everything Gators, I’m thrilled to introduce two new writers to IAKOW.

The first of these is Tanner Dennie. Some of you may not have heard of him, but in time you will come to love him. He’s a member of the FDL (Florida Drum Line), which means he goes to all the games and gets to watch them from the band section- usually great seats. He’s going to be of great essence to IAKOW, in a vein similar to Joey Vizzi- breaking news, talking recruiting, and football and basketball, as well as some miscellaneous sports. Of course, he and Joey are different people, so you might get some different opinions between them, but that’s what makes IAKOW fun.

The second really isn’t a “new” writer; it’s none other than “the bone”, a long time member of IAKOW, dating way back to the original IAKOW days when Ryan Moyer ran the show. The bone is a high school football coach, and he knows his stuff; therefore, the logical thing to do was let him write whatever he wants about Gator football, and have that be his specialty. He and I have bumped heads in the past, but our arguments have been highly entertaining to everyone else around them, and half his comments were articles in their own anyway, so why not just give him the same access that I have and put his thoughts on the front page?

The last piece of news I have is that the forum is almost completely ready. That was (and will be) the place where anybody can post their thoughts about Gator sports just like the staff writers can.

Plus, I’m one step closer to unveiling my surprises, so keep your eyes peeled.