Welcoming Two New Staff Writers to IAKOW

I’ve got some exciting news for you all today.  As the site continues to grow and expand heading into football season I know you’ve all got a hunger for more content, and we’ve got some for you.

We’re adding two new writers to the staff here at inallkindsofweather.com that I’m very excited to have aboard.

The first of these is Joe Vizzi.  It’s a name that most of you don’t know yet, but you will.  I’ve talked to him a few times personally and read quite a bit of his stuff, and he’s a die hard Gator who really knows his stuff.  He recently graduated from UF and can’t stay away from the Gators.  You guys are going to like him.

The second new addition isn’t so much a “new” addition, as I’m sure you all already know him.  He is none other than our very own “thebone”.  Half of his comments were practically articles in themselves anyway, so this is the next logical step.

Lately I’ve been doing some work to Iakow behind the scenes, while Neil has held down the fort on the article front.  I’ve got some great new features/upgrades to the site in the coming months that I’ve been working on, as my goal is to get all of that squared away before football season so the four of us can focus on writing and being a part of the community.

So join me in welcoming our two new writers and keep your eyes peeled for some cool site upgrades in the coming months!

28 thoughts on “Welcoming Two New Staff Writers to IAKOW

  1. Welcome Joe and congratulations Coach Bone! I had a feeling this was gonna happen sooner or later.

  2. I’d be happy to assist this site with my talents for insightful analysis and writing. Unlike most Gator fans who are fans only because they bought a Gators tee shirt at Walmart, I actually spent all of my college years at UF and graduated with a degree (with High Honors to boot). I normally charge for my writing, but, again, I’d be happy to assist with this site. For free! Let me know. Thanks.

  3. And sadly, that degree of yours still hasn’t helped you learn the concept of a non compete clause.

  4. How gay. You not only made the inconsiderate choice of watsing memory space with your childish BS, not only did you incorrectly assume that your request was funny, but then you went and liked your own comment.

    Actually, you know what, since you’re such a genius, why don’t you start your own website? Clearly you’re very bright if you graduated from UF, so you should have no issue starting one of your own.

    Your stuff is simply magical. It somehow draws laughs from the sternest and most silent people. It’s also something of paranormality that you pull stuff out of nowhere to get arguments. I always thought that when in an argument, you’re supposed to provide counterevidence and facts. I didn’t realize that just because you didn’t agree with something, you can just ignore it and poof it away!!! How silly of me!!!

    I would love to have you as a staff writer here. As an act of repentance. So you can post a long apology to all the Gator fans out there for killing the national respect for the Gator Nation’s fan base.

    How does that sound mongoloid?

  5. Neil I think you should apologize to all mongoloids for lumping this fuckin martian in with them ha

  6. Damn my bad then how should I categorize them? I used to rate stupidity on a scale from one to Georgia, but he may have broken that scale.

  7. well there is always Alabama thats a few steps up the scale than Georgia but I still don’t think thats enough I will need some time to think about this to really come up with something that is lowly enough for the stupidity spewed by our bestest buddy, I would say Sarah Palin but I don’t feel like starting unnecessary political arguments so in short let me get back to ya on that bro

  8. Yes political arguments are against the rules in the facebook page and same here. Likely there are some differences in opinion there and that’s going to tear us all apart and we’re all Gator fans so let’s stick together in all kinds of weather

  9. 100% agree I’m here to be sociable and help lead the charge against trolls ha

  10. I wonder what the pleasure of being a troll is. I mean, I don’t understand what’s fun about intentionally pissing off random people over the internet. You got any ideas on that?

  11. My thoughts would be a small male organ, being 40 and living in mommy and daddy’s basement, mental illness delusional thoughts or desperate cries for attention cause they weren’t loved enough or thought they weren’t

  12. [quote] I used to rate stupidity on a scale from one to Georgia, but he may have broken that scale.[/quote]

    Lol that was a damn good one Neil.

  13. WELCOME GUYS….I am a bit late on this one. None the less, I am thrilled to see this site blossoming. GATOR NATION!!!

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