What Didn’t Lane Kiffin Do Wrong At Tennessee?

I’ve said it before, guys, I don’t really hate Tennessee.

I lied.

I’m a full out Vol hater after finding out that Lane Kiffin had committed yet ANOTHER violation while misleading the thugs that play football and cop-dodging on Rocky Flop. This one has to do with failing- or less politely, refusing- to monitor the Vols coaching staff.

But it wasn’t just Kiffin.

Bruce Pearl also has been found out to commit another violation- called “unethical conduct.”

What more- or less- could you expect from a Vol? I mean, come on, they’re so lazy and scummy that they don’t even change their clothes after leaving prison to go play football. What? So those numbers on their jerseys AREN’T the inmate numbers? Oh, I get it. They’re just incapable of counting to 100, so they stop at 99, and they put their names on the backs of their jerseys so their fans can tell who they are. No their fans can’t read- it’s for the TV audience. Well, they’re not on TV so often because they’re so pitiful, but when they are, they get crushed.

Yes, I’m pouring out my hatred of the Vols because I’m sick and tired of them getting in trouble- and then turning the tables and calling UF the “University of Felons.” Yeah, where did you get that? Did you take that from my facebook post on an anti-Gator page, where I called FSU “Felony State University”? No, you brilliant Vols fans came up with it all on your own.

It’s disgraceful. I mean, I’m used to hearing about players getting in trouble, because let’s face it, just about every school in the country has issues like that. But COACHES??? Bruce Pearl and Lane Kiffin have committed more violations than interceptions thrown by Tim Tebow his entire career at UF. Isn’t that sad?

Yes, it is.

But let’s think- what did Lane Kiffin not do at UT?

He didn’t burn the city.

Well, that’s about it.

I cannot like a school that hired a thug like Lane Kiffin as their coach. I know he’s gone but the fact that Mike Hamilton hired a guy who left more dirt than Pigpen and who after over a year following his departure is STILL getting screwed over by the NCAA was it for me.

I still hate UGA, FSU, and Miami more, but in my eyes, Tennessee has surpassed the ranks of LSU, Auburn, South Carolina and Alabama as a secondary rival and are on a level of their own.

Come on Derek Dooley. Do something stupid so I can bring you up to the level of the other three schools so I can rip on you, too.

As for the surprise I promised, I’m about 85-90% there. I just need one or two more things to go right, and considering that a lot of things have gone right to this point, I don’t see why just a couple more can’t, either.

5 thoughts on “What Didn’t Lane Kiffin Do Wrong At Tennessee?

  1. I knew it! I knew there was no way a Gator fan couldn’t hate the Volunqueers. It’s in our DNA to hate those inbred baboons. They have crooked coaches and a fan base with an average IQ of 70. When they all gather in that toilet bowl (they call it a stadium) it looks like the world’s largest plumber convention.
    Maybe Dooley might do something stupid but I don’t see. That man is to much of a quire boy. Hope I’m wrong though.:)

  2. Well then welcome to Dark Side Neil. You will do well my young apprentice.:D
    Also I like how some words are magically becoming adds. Now when I need a “toilet” or a “plumber” I know where to go.:D And for that I thank you.

  3. Haha my high school AD is a Tennessee grad, and was childhood friends with Peyton Manning. But he’s a really good guy and has done so much for me that I couldn’t HATE his favorite team, but now I’m just saying the hell with it, I cannot STAND those Vols.

    For god’s sake I never knew they installed a Grand Central Station in Knoxville. What? Oh, I’m sorry, that’s just all the coaches going bye bye one at a time. It just looks crowded enough to be GCS.

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