What does the Future Hold For Trey Burton?

Trey Burton may move to safetyEver since Charlie Weis was hired, I knew Trey Burton was going to have to switch positions.

But to defense?


Rumors are flying that Burton will become a safety for 2011.

Now that I think about it, this guy could play practically anywhere.

We know that he is extremely athletic, and fast.

He is an absolute end zone magnet.

That’s great for a running back.

We also know that Burton can catch and block well, and he played tight end (very well) in 2010 when he wasn’t taking snaps.

So if Will Muschamp, defensive mastermind, and Charlie Weis, offensive mastermind, make him a safety, then Trey Burton is a better safety than running back or wide receiver.

Muschamp and Weis know what they’re doing.

If the rumor is true, then I’ll let Muschamp go to work with him.

The only questions I have is: has Trey Burton ever come on and laid a bone crushing hit on a receiver who has just caught a pass? We know Burton is strong- he’s played tight end at the University of Florida.

But does he have the killer instinct that is necessary for a safety?

Can he blast receivers like this?

I mean, that’s how Major Wright made his living. Slow, but able to deliver jarring hits to dislodge the ball and ruin a beautifully designed and executed play. We know that Burton’s got the speed, but the instict is a must for any safety in the SEC.

I believe that if his rumor holds to be correct, Burton will be very successful. He’s got a work ethic in the same range as Tim Tebow, and will do whatever it takes to make himself a success. Plus, as I’ve said, he’s shown two of the most important tools needed to be a good safety- speed and strength. The only other tool needed to be a great safety is hard hitting/instinct (which I believe come together as a package- not many safeties have one but not the other), and we have yet to see that from him.

Muschamp must believe he has it, otherwise he wouldn’t have put him there.

But even if he doesn’t, can you name me a better person to install it in him than Muschamp?

18 thoughts on “What does the Future Hold For Trey Burton?

  1. I’d rather see him at linebacker. We just spent a year watching a very athletically talented guy who never really learned the position, and he was masked for 2 years before that by Wright, Haden, Jenkins and Black.

    Another athlete sans instincts might not be the answer.

    Burton seems like a good kid and they should find a home for him somewhere, but let’s not act like he’s another Percy Harvin because he had one great game against a bottom feeding team.

    He might do ok at LB where he’s in the middle.

  2. Trey will do great, I think he played a little safety in high school but due to injuries on his team he moved to QB. I can’t find the video but I saw where Burton threw a interception and the corner was running down the field and Burton blasted the poor kid. He looked like Ray Lewis when he hit that Corner. I think coach Boom love having this guy on defense, and we have his brother Clay. Just imagine what kind of damage these guys will do to opposing offenses.

  3. Yeah I can see him at linebacker too. He had great vision to find the hole when he ran the ball, he could translate that to defense. In my humble opinion, vision and tackling are the 1a/1b most important skills needed by a linebacker.

  4. We’re assuming that because they’re brothers they’ll be awesome like the Pouncey combo.

    They need to find some place for him because he’s as loyal a player as I’ve ever seen and a throwback to bygone era where players really did put the team first.

    He seems to have a high aptitude so maybe he’d do allright at safety. Personally, I’d rather see him at LB to QB the D.

  5. I’m assuming his brother is a hard worker like him and I’m assuming if Muschamp actually put the guy on defense then he is good. I bet if Rainey ask to play D coach boom would laugh. Burton showed he can play any position on the field. He’s is too small to be an SEC linebacker and if he gains weight it could affect his speed. At safety he can quarterback the secondary. I see him being just like Black was for us just with a little more talent.

  6. You got that right lol. They have potential though let’s see how Muschamp and Quinn can do.

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