Will Muschamp Racking Up Recruits the Way Florida Racks up Points on Georgia

A few weeks ago, every Gator fan, me included, was extremely unhappy about the #12 rated recruiting class Florida hauled in.

Stephenson RB Mike Davis chose the Florida Gators over offers from 15 other schools, all of which have come in the last five weeks. (AJC Photo by Collin C. Chappelle)I stated that Florida would be fine, Muschamp would be fine, and recruiting would be fine. You guys proceeded to load the comments section with your agreement. Meanwhile, everybody else was laughing at us. Poor Gators. Jimbo Fisher has taken over the state and the entire Southeast. Your run is over.

But most importantly: you guys will never have the same recruting power that you had under Meyer.

Most of this laughter came from UGA fans.

But the Bulldogs weren’t laughing so hard when Will Muschamp simply walked into Atlanta and snared Matt Jones.

Oh, I’m sorry, I meant Mike Davis. I just get confused when a bunch of Georgia lovers all ditch the Dawgs at once and switch to Florida. Sorry about that.

No, Mike Davis is the one from Atlanta, Stephenson High School, to be exact.

But now the Gators just snared another recruit, Jeremi Powell, a linebacker, who after about 5 minutes on his first ever trip to to Gainesville, knew he wanted to be a Gator. Hmmm, I wonder if Will Muschamp had something to do with that?

Oh, wait, here it comes, guys, prepare yourselves: Powell is a thug. Matt Jones was afraid of getting lost in Isaiah Crowell’s shadow. Mike Davis just sucks, he knew he couldn’t play anywhere better. Just get ready for that sort of BS from Georgia fans.

Yeah, sure.

You have been saying the same thing for the last 20 years. If we all suck so much… then how bad are you?

To any UGA fan who reads this: and I am targeting one in particular: 49-10.

Go cry in your room in self loathing while we continue picking up recruits like we have magnetic powers.

8 thoughts on “Will Muschamp Racking Up Recruits the Way Florida Racks up Points on Georgia

  1. I didn’t listen to any of those f-ing Gator haters. They’re not worth our time as most of them know nothing about football(ala UGA fans).
    Their laughter turned into them shitting their pants when we got Jones. And getting Davis was like pouring salt into an open wound.:)
    Go Blow yourselves UGA fans and any other Gator haters. It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

  2. I love to taunt Georgia fans. It’s hilarious.

    Go to that silly bulldogs site that’s the equivalent of AA.

    And do what I did – tell them their expectations are unrealistic as they’re a glorified mid major and they are going to chase away a perfectly good coach in Richt because they think they should be competing with the big boys.

    Then watch preacher man go apeshit.

  3. It’s dawg sports.

    I always just stumbled my way there from the cnnsi website.

    The Georgia team page is littered with links, but every once in a while a link would appear on the Florida page. I made my way there one day, watched the hopeless fools talk about a dynasty, then began to laugh at them.

    I watched the mod, t kyle king, call Urban Meyer every name in the book while praising Richt for being a church going family man, then I mocked him since he’s supposed to be a parent and a preacher. Then I got banned lol

  4. Well, I have to be mr serious in the business, personal and sporting world.

    Da Innawebz be my outlet fo da foolin, ya feel me bra ?

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