Will Muschamp’s Biggest Recruit For 2011… Janoris Jenkins

When someone says the word “recruiting”, college football fans generally think of incoming freshmen. This is a skill that coaches have to thrive at, being able to convince a high school kid to play for his team.

Will Muschamp, as everybody knws, is a phenomonal recruiter.

He’s known to poach recruits from far across the land.

Recruits, meaning high school kids.

But what the hell did he say to convince Janoris Jenkins to stay for his senior year?

I mean, really, think about it- the guy is a Top 10 Draft pick in everybody’s mock draft. Scouts are oohhing and ahhing over his talent. Basically, everyone assured him that going pro was the best decision.

Everyone, that is, except Will Muschamp, who HAD to have had something to do with his decision. There’s no way Jenkins just sat down with his family and decided to stay. It’s just not possible.

So how about that huge victory for Will Muschamp. This is a great sign for Florida- if he can convince Jenkins to stay, then you have to wonder if he could snag a guy at the last minute on signing day.

The only downside to this is that Florida loses any chance it previously had to land Nick Waisome, the UF-no-wait-Alabama-no-I’m-sure-this-time-UF-no-I-mean-FSU recruit.

Obviously, the upside is that Florida has a corner that it can depend on.

Will Muschamp should bottle and sell whatever he said to Jenkins, because it would sell more than ice cold Gatorade at a noon game in the Swamp.

Now, onto the football part of this:

Ryan basically stole what I was going to say, except for one thing: the leadership.

I’m not saying Jenkins can serve up some rousing speeches at halftime against Auburn in a tie game. I am saying that he should be able to lead by example, and give Josh Evans, Jaylen Watkins and Matt Elam time grow as defensive backs, and when they’re inserted into the lineup, they’ll be ready.

Looking back, when I first heard the news, I thought that it was complete BS. Jenkins has one reason to stay- to play under a pro-style defense under Will Muschamp.

Like Ryan said, Will Muschamp is in essence our defensive coordinator. Dan Quinn is just along for the ride.

Will Muschamp is also the best recruiter in the land.

Who else could save a top 5 class and retain the best cornerback in the country?


11 thoughts on “Will Muschamp’s Biggest Recruit For 2011… Janoris Jenkins

  1. You’re absolutely right. For Muschamp to convince Janoris to come back for next year is gigantic. Like you, I have know I idea what he told him, but it must have been pretty damn good to convince him to stay.
    Way to go Muschamp!

  2. Muschamp is the man what else can I say. The guy knows how to talk to student athletes. This better have the college football world afraid of us!

  3. Besides the obvious boost in talent and leadership, retaining Janoris is HUGE in terms of recruiting. HUGE. What better message can you send a high school football player trying to decide between UF and whoever else, than a first-round NFL player telling the pros “y’all will just have to wait for me. I dont need the millions. Im staying HERE for my senior year.”
    If that doesnt sway high schoolers on the fence, nothing will.

  4. Leadership was one of our greatest weaknesses last year (after Addazio)…Janoris coming back is amazing, and his leadership will be invaluable to our D…he is one of, if not THE best player on the roster.

  5. I am sure Coach Muschamp told him the same facts that he stated in his opening press conference. 4% of college athletes, D1, D2 or D3 average 4 years in the NFL and after 4 years the money is done. He will have no college degree to fall back on and with shoulder surgery he is already a risk to teams willing to draft him as high as top 15.

  6. Not to sure how much ‘convincing’ Muschamp had to do – Jenkins had shoulder surgery recently and it’s entirely possible that he won’t be full speed by the time the combine hits. In any event, obviously Janoris coming back is absolutely huge and I’m sure he’ll be a key leader not only on defense but for the rest of the team.

  7. Um has anyone else payed attention to recruiting lately, Will needs to stop guys from going to FSU before I can even begin to compare him to the great one. (Urban Meyer)

  8. I think its all about who Muschamp wants for his system. The guys going to Florida St may not fit his system.

  9. Atlanta Gator you’re dead on Muschamp likes to dial up a corner blitz every now and then and Nick Waisome hates blitzing. That’s why he left Florida. If anything, he should have been pursued to stay with Muschamp more than Meyer because Muschamp is a defensive minded coach.

  10. Yes the guy doesn’t want to play NFL football that’s why he wants to play for Jimbo. That’s why I respect Driskel he wants to play like a pro!

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