With only two weeks until kickoff, it’s time for Gators fans to bury the 4-8 season just as the players have

With today marking the 14 day countdown until the 2014 season kicks off, many are still wondering what to expect from this years Gators team.

Well, one thing I can tell you with certainty is that we all witnessed the statistically worst season Florida has had in over 30 years. We witnessed what appeared to be a curse straight out of a Hollywood script run rampant through the Heavener Football Complex like a deadly virus. But what we have witnessed this offseason has been more important. We witnessed a transformation of mindset throughout this team. No one folded their tents and went home. No one is continuing to dwell on the past. And I am here to tell you…..


The Gators players and coaches earlier this summer buried their 4-8 season under the practice field, literally.

It came during a team meeting conducted by Will Muschamp and strength and conditioning coach Jeff Dillman, and was at the Gators’ request: Florida’s roster and staff gathered together to say goodbye, once and for all, and to officially turn the page on an unmitigated disaster.

The team brought shovels.

“We wrote everything down on a list,” defensive end Dante Fowler, Jr. said. “We wrote down our team goals. We just … we buried it. We buried it. We literally buried it and put it in the ground, just left it behind us. So we’re not worrying about last year. It’s about this year.”

So now that the players and staff have focused on this coming season, I am here to do the same. You will not hear me speak of the 4-8 season again. It is a time we will all remember and never ever forget, but it doesn’t need to be brought up.

I have high hopes for this team as should everyone else.


One thought on “With only two weeks until kickoff, it’s time for Gators fans to bury the 4-8 season just as the players have

  1. Well said. Let there not be another season like that one until 2113.

    I, too, shall look forward and not speak of last year again.

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