Introducing the new In All Kinds Of Weather logo- and a Gator baseball game ticket giveaway contest

In All Kinds Of Weather
It’s the dawn of a new day for In All Kinds Of Weather.

As you may have noticed, In All Kinds Of Weather has a brand new logo, courtesy of the fine folks at Stingray Branding.

(Aside: this elite Charleston-based marketing agency does everything from building websites and mobile apps to creating new brand logos, from managing business’s social media handles to handling email marketing campaigns, and everything in between. If you need help in anything related to digital media, marketing, or web design, reach out to them through the contact page on their website.)

Anyway, our new logo was the result of nearly a year of plotting and experimenting with various Easter Egg concepts. The idea was to incorporate elements of as many things Gators-athletics related as possible into the logo, and after a few weeks of hard work by Stingray’s incredibly talented graphic design intern Lindsy Franzene, the new logo was completed late last week, and revealed Monday morning.

I could go point by point, Easter Egg by Easter Egg, hidden detail by hidden detail, and reveal them. And at some point, I will. But in the meantime, I decided to have a little fun with it, and turn this into a little In All Kinds Of Weather contest.

There are a total of fifteen Easter Eggs in our new logo. Some of them are far easier to detect than others. The first person to find ten of them will win two tickets to a Gator baseball home game at some point in 2023, courtesy of our friends at Savvy Ocala, who are sponsoring this giveaway.

I personally think it’s going to be impossible for anybody to find all fifteen, as three of them are not detectable unless you do a specific something for a living, and four more are near-impossible but technically within the realm of findability. So I’m setting the magic number at ten. You find ten, you win.

In the event that nobody finds ten Easter Eggs, whoever finds the most will win the Gator baseball tickets.

The contest closes next Monday night at 11:59pm, unless somebody finds ten Easter Eggs before then. To enter the contest, you MUST do two things following:

-Correctly state what the Easter Egg is, detail where on the logo it is, and what it represents. If you stumble upon something that is indeed an Easter Egg, but cannot correctly identify it, it doesn’t count. Sorry. 🙂

-Direct message @AllKindsWeather on twitter or instagram, or email with your findings.

As for the Gator baseball game you’ll win tickets to, obviously, the schedule isn’t out yet, and the season is several months away. When the schedule gets released, we can work out which game we’ll get you tickets for. (Part of this depends on which games the CEO of Savvy Ocala really wants to go to, but he winds up either selling or donating his tickets to more than half the home games each year, so trust me- you’ll have options.)

So, with that said: happy hunting! Good luck!

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