Founded in November of 2013, In All Kinds Of Weather is an independent media brand that covers the Florida Gators’ athletics program. We’re run for the fans, by the fans. We provide a variety of content, ranging from opinion pieces and news articles on this website to YouTube videos and podcasts. And in all kinds of weather, we love our Gators!

In All Kinds Of Weather, we’ll all stick together.


This is one of the last lines of the popular Florida song, “We Are The Boys.” The song was written in 1919 by UF students Robert Swanson and John Icenhour, and by the 1930s, it was a key part of the Pride of the Sunshine’s repertoire during Florida football games. In the early 1970s, it was determined that the performance of the song would be best utilized after the third quarter, and to this day, Gator fans sing that song after the end of the third quarter to remind themselves what they are a part of- a proud and loyal fan base.

That’s not to say things always go swimmingly for the Florida Gators’ athletics program. They don’t. And that’s to be expected.

In both a literal and a mental sense in life, as well as in a figurative sense in sports, stormy weather has a way of rearing its ugly head in the moments you most desperately want it not to. In all these cases, though, there is simply nothing you can do aside from gritting your teeth and charging forward. Eventually, the weather will brighten up, a rainbow will appear, and the sun will shine down on you once again- it’s just a matter of persevering against all that you’re up against until then.

As it relates to Gator sports, the In All Kinds Of Weather digital media brand was built to be a metaphorical weather channel of sorts, a storytelling brand that observes the elements around Gator Nation and transforms those observations into the various types of content that Florida fans have been consuming since November of 2013. We’ve been around for the worst moments in Gator athletics history- one week after we launched, Georgia Southern beat Florida in the Swamp- and we’ve been around for some of the best, including a Final Four for the men’s basketball team and the baseball, softball, and men’s tennis programs winning their first ever national titles.

In other words, we’ve been around to support the Gators in all kinds of weather.

Regardless of the genre of weather that is upon us, though, one constant always remains: our love and loyalty for the best interests of the Florida Gators athletics program.

Designed in July of 2022 by the ultra-talented graphic artist Lindsy Franzene, the In All Kinds Of Weather logo proudly incorporates a variety of staples of the University of Florida athletics program. The logo was a result of over a year of meticulous planning and took Lindsy about a month to complete. There are fifteen hidden details, or “Easter Eggs,” hiding in plain sight within this logo. Each one either carries on a legacy or tradition or pays homage to a past accomplishment, ensuring that the greatest moments in the #EverythingSchool history live on forever. To learn more, check out our explanatory blog post on the subject.