Since its inception in June of 2020, the In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast has grown into one of the more popular Florida Gators-related podcasts out there. 


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Our Motto

The motto of our podcast is to “keep it respectful, but keep it real.” 

Sports have a way of getting people excited and animated, and that’s part of what makes being a Gator fan so incredible. We encourage that excitement from fans, and as fans, we bring it to our own show in every detailed discussion of Gator sports. At the same time, though, there are individuals behind the athletes and coaches that we all see on TV or live at the arena or stadium. We make sure to never lose sight of that.

To us, it is important to incorporate both the excitement that courses through our veins when discussing our favorite Gator sports and an understanding of the fact that we’re ultimately talking about the performance of human beings into every show we produce. 

IAKOW Forecast Guest Wall Of Fame

No great podcast is complete without great guests, and the In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast has been fortunate to have an elite lineup of guests through the years. Below are some of the amazing guests who have shared their unique perspectives on our show.

Recurring Guests 

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have some guests on the In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast more than once! Among those to join us on multiple shows:


(image) Chris Doering- football, 1992-95 (wide receiver)


(image) Alex Brown- football, 1998-2001 (defensive lineman)


(image) Ben Troupe- football, 2000-03 (tight end)


Gator Athletes


We’ve been graced with the presence of many talented Gator athletes on the In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast.


(image) Reidel Anthony- football, 1994-96 (wide receiver)


(image) Alex Faedo- baseball, 2015-17 (pitcher)


(image) Sam Riffice- men’s tennis, 2019-22


(image) Caleb Sturgis- football, 2008-12 (kicker)


(image) Lauren Haeger- softball, 2012-15 (pitcher, DH)


(image) Shannon Snell- football, 2000-03 (offensive line)


(image) Johnny Townsend- football, 2013-17 (punter)


(image) James Houston IV- football, 2018-20 (linebacker)


(image) Jadarrius Perkins- football, linebacker (2021-2023)


(image) Jordan Jones- women’s basketball, 2009-12 (guard)


(image) Shane Matthews- football, 1990-92 (quarterback)


(image) Lorenzo Lingard- football, 2020-present (running back)


(image) Frankie Velez- football, 2010-14 (kicker)

(image) Frankie Hammond- football, 2009-12 (wide receiver)


(image) Ethan White- football, 2019-2023 (offensive lineman)

Athletes From Other Schools


(image) Jen Schroeder- softball, UCLA (catcher)


(image) Shay Hodge- football, Ole Miss (wide receiver)


(image) Kash Daniel- football, Kentucky (linebacker)


Ben Troupe

Ben Troupe

Football: 2000-2003 (tight end)