Alabama 42, Florida 21: Tidesmen Double Up Gators in T-Town

Considering that Alabama’s a great team, and Florida appears to be on that good, not great level… honestly, is anybody surprised by what ultimately happened?

Florida actually did much better than I thought they would in some respects. They forced a few big turnovers, moved the ball a bit early to weather the initial storm, and hung in with what could very well be a playoff team until deep into the third quarter.

But in the end, Alabama was just too much. The Crimson Tide racked up 645 yards on Florida, including passing touchdowns by Blake Sims of 87 and 79 yards, and their defense pressured Jeff Driskel into several major errors. It all added up to a 42-21 win…

Actually, no, I can’t write that with a straight face. I don’t work for the AP. Let’s try that again; the defense gave up the most yards in program history. Yes, Florida, a team that has existed since 1906, surrendered the most yards in the history of the program. And Jeff Driskel wasn’t really pressured; he was really just plain bad. No, that’s not enough; Driskel was absolutely horrible, erasing any confidence in him left over in my mind from his winning at Texas A&M and at FSU in 2012. Sure, Alabama has a great defense, but the offensive line (for once) did a pretty good job blocking for him. But his decision making was just not at an acceptable level for a Florida Gators’ QB.

I knew Florida was in trouble the moment Kenyon Drake burned us for an 87 yard TD to start the game. And I was right; even though Florida battled back, and actually took the lead at one point, they really were in for a long day. When the defense wasn’t giving up big bombs to Amari Cooper, they were getting gashed for long, slow, methodical touchdown drives. When Driskel wasn’t making bad tactical decisions, he was shotgunning errant passes that even Tim Howard had no prayer of getting his hands on.

There’s so much more to go into, and I’ll get into it tomorrow in greater detail. But for now, just take away one thing: Alabama is really good. But they’re not as good as they have been. And the fact of the matter is, they didn’t win by nearly as many points as they could have.

Go ahead. Vent. I’ll steal Andy Hutchins’ idea and make this the vent thread. No rules, except for the obvious ones: no racial/homophobic slurs, no C words, and no wishing death or injury on any player, coach or fellow commentor. After that, anything goes. So have at it.

4 thoughts on “Alabama 42, Florida 21: Tidesmen Double Up Gators in T-Town

  1. I totally agree driskel looked horrible. Foley needs to take a step back and look at where the program is heading Florida is slowly becoming the new Vanderbilt. I’m a gator no matter what I live in bulldog country and it’s hard for me to defend my team when we get out coached by lane kiffin. What really got me questioning the coaching was your down 21 and you still got driskel in there why not get Harris a few snaps in a big game atmosphere like that. He can’t do any worse than the so called number 1 qb of his high school class. I know it’s a different game speed and everything but I coach high school football in the south georgia area and I have seen many of qbs make way better decisions than he did.

  2. I’ll get the ball rolling.

    Muschamp is in miles over his head. Where do I even start? First, his defense- the one thing he arguably brings to the table- got torched for the MOST YARDS IN SCHOOL HISTORY. I know when everybody hears Alabama, they wet their panties but this is not an offensive juggernaut. It’s not Oregon, or Oklahoma. Bama is strictly a defensive team with a passable offense. Oh, but play Florida and you suddenly look like the 2008 Gators? Unacceptable.

    Next, he’s a pussy for refusing to bench Driskel, who in turn is a huge pussy himself. My God, what a waste of talent. I’ll believe until the day I die that Driskel had the potential to be a serviceable QB for us, but that was wasted by years of shitty coaching, game planning and poor line play. Now the high school player of the year has been reduced to a gaping crotch maw that couldn’t hit the side of a Winn Dixie building from five feet away. Thanks to Muschamp hiring two awful coordinators (a fat fuck and a stuck up douche) his confidence has been burned at the stake.

    I always want Florida to win every game. But I can’t help but feel that if we lose to Tennessee, it will rid us of this cancer called Muschamp. I’m not singing Rocky Flop, but a loss to them may be just what we need to get this program back on track in the long run.

  3. Good idea to do this Neil. Lord I’m pissed. It’s not THAT we lost, it’s HOW we lost, if that makes any sense, that has me seeing crimson (pun intended). But why didn’t you put this up 24 hours ago? It would have made a lot more sense then.

  4. Muschamp must not read your posts. He is sticking with Jeff. If he does not plan to get Harris in the next game hid days are numbered.

    I like Muschamp but this is getting old.

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