Are Gators Really Better Prepared For Jimmer? Hey, Here’s a Better Question: Is BYU Better Prepared For Our Entire Starting 5?

As the first game of the 2010 NCAA tournament wound to its close, the Gators looked dead, and the BYU crowd was chanting “YOU GOT JIMMERED!!!”

And yes, we did.

Sort of.

Fredette needed 2 and a half halves of basketball to score 37 points against Florida. Certainly nothing to be ashamed about from his perspective, but relative to what other teams surrendered, nothing at all.

But lost in what turned out to be Jimmer’s launching pad to fame- a big game in the NCAA tournament- was that Kenny Boynton lit up the Cougars for 27 points, and Florida still put 92 on them.

And if you remember, last year’s offense was nothing compared to this year’s.

We really have a dominating inside game this year with Macklin, Tyus, and Patric Young to complement the three point shooting we posses at select moments.

In all honesty, Jimmer is NOT- repeat- NOT- the guy the Gators need to watch. Rather, the guy Florida needs to keep an eye on is a tall, skinny white dude named Jackson Emery, who does the bulk of his damage when Fredette is double or triple teamed. He can shoot threes lights out, and is pretty strong inside.

Noah Hartsock can also inflict damage on us, but not in the way that Emery can. I’ve watched Emery play three times now- Florida last year, San Diego State this year and Gonzaga this year.

And he was impressive in all three.

But how about something for BYU to think about- the dead eye shooting of Boynton, Walker, Parsons, Scotty Wilbekin, Casey Prather, and even Alex Tyus can shoot if need be.

Let’s face it. Jimmer is used to getting his back patted all year, and although he hasn’t slowed down yet, he has yet to face a legitimate, BCS conference opponent that plays defense even half decent. So… what if the Gators put Kenny Boynton on him like last year, and tire him out a little there, and then come right after Jimmer when he’s on defense? Maybe take his legs out of the game?

The whole team from last year, minus Dan Werner, returns, while BYU has lost numerous pieces of the puzzle from a year ago.

They’ve watched lots of episodes of the Jimmer show.

They should be much better equipped to take him down.

While BYU struggles to stop all of Florida’s playmakers.

This is why Florida will win, if not anything else- the Gators, top to bottom, are better than BYU. They have…


Well, the Gators have no excuses to lose again to Fredette and the Mormons from Provo.

2 thoughts on “Are Gators Really Better Prepared For Jimmer? Hey, Here’s a Better Question: Is BYU Better Prepared For Our Entire Starting 5?

  1. And after we win I say we all go violate the honor code, I know I will for Thirsty Thursday ha

  2. Hell yeah we’ll beat those f-ing Mormons! All damn week I’ve Jimmer, Jimmer, Jimmer. ESPN loves this guy so much that they won’t even talk about us. If it was left up to ESPN they’d give this guy a freaking holiday! I can’t wait to hear what they say when we win tomorrow.:)

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