Dominique Easley Drafted By New England Patriots

Most offensive linemen can’t stop the man affectionately known as “Chuckie” for carrying around his little chuckie doll everywhere, so it’s no surprise that the ACL tear that cost him the last nine games of the 2013 season couldn’t, either.

New England coach Bill Belichick, who has a history with drafting Florida Gators (he even showed up to one of Florida’s NCAA Tournament games last year in a Spurrier-esque Gator visor), pulled the trigger on another one. This time, the man was Dominique Easley, and Belichick is getting quite a talent.

Easley possesses an incredible first step off the line, which leads to him setting up camp in the opponent’s backfield before the offense knows what happened. He also has rare┬ánatural athleticism for a defensive tackle, and Belichick loves guys like that at any position. He also loves guys who can line up all over the place, and Easley can do that, too. In short, it was a great pick for Belichick to be able to get him at #29. The biggest question mark about Easley is his health, and while it is certainly a concern, it’s nothing that Easley can control. So I look forward to Easley seeing the field in Foxboro soon, and maybe immediately.

The selection of Easley makes it seven times out of the past eight years that a Florida Gator has been drafted in the first round.

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