Don’t Read Into Spring Game Too Much

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Everybody loved what they saw from last year’s spring game. The 2010 season? Not so much.

And those spring practices were open to the public and reporters.

So this year’s spring game probably won’t reveal much about this team’s identity. That was a big concern last year; many people kept repeating the phrase “Florida doesn’t know who they want to be on offense.” Please. They knew exactly what they wanted to be- an offense that could not gain a first down on a hungover defense made up of 11 Family Guy characters. I mean, that’s what Addazio wanted, anyway. And he made damn sure that’s what they were.

The main idea is this: generally speaking, spring games always overexcite fans. Either the offense is thrilling, or the defense (sometimes falsely) promises to be lights out. But what happens 9 out of 10 times? The unit that looked great is average at best, and the other unit… looks like, well, a Steve Addazio production starring John Brantley.

But enough of Addazio. The point of this article isn’t to rip on him; there are plenty of better opportunities than this.

The point is to get you guys to downplay the spring game, but more importantly, not to make any assumptions about the season.

Let’s take a different example. After UGA’s spring game last year, everybody was ecstatic in Bulldogland. Aaron Murray will be better than Matt Stafford. AJ Green is a beast. Then the Bulldogs proceeded to lose AJ Green for four game, lose three of them, and stumble and bumble their way to a 6-7 record that included embarrassing losses to Central Florida and Colorado (and Florida… just saying).

But having interacted with Georgia fans throughout the spring/summer part of the offseason, I knew the entire fan base was completely overtaken by megalomania. They got what they paid for in the fall. So, I’d really like if we didn’t act like those insane Bulldogs fans, and be the smarter fans, knowing that the spring game gives you about a 2% indication of what’s going to happen the ensuing season. That percentage might be even less this season, because of the major changes.

Remember my article a few weeks ago, what does it mean that Muschamp closed off spring practice?

Well, I said that Weis should reveal a little, but not much of the new offense in the spring game. The same goes for Will Muschamp and the defense.

And it kills me to have to wait 5 more months until Florida’s captains shake hands wih the FAU captains.

But I’d rather wait than get delusional and think I know exactly what’s coming in 2011.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Read Into Spring Game Too Much

  1. Neil your right again, remember last year during the spring game Brantley actually threw the ball down field. That never happened during the season until we played App St.

  2. Neil your right again, remember last year during the spring game Brantley actually threw the ball down field. That never happened during the season until we played App St.

  3. You’re right Neil. You cannot put to much stock in what you see in the Spring Game. But in all honesty, I just wanna watch some f-ing football right now.:)

  4. Oh, I will too. I’m ready to see John Brantley’s attitude on the sidelines, I’m excited to see the 2% of the new team that I predicted, I want to see who’s gotten stronger, faster, and bigger. And of course, I cannot wait to see BOOM IN ACTION!!!

  5. Well, except the flea flicker against Vanderbilt. But point taken, accepted, and agreed with.

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