Erving Walker Sends Vols Back To Rocky Flop Losers Once Again

Oh, Rocky Flop, You’ll Always Be, Second in the EEEEEEEEEEEEEAST!!!

Oh, sorry, no you’re not, because now you’re in fourth. I forgot about that.

Maybe you got your coach back. Maybe you’re playing better basketball lately. Maybe you’re trying to close the gap on us.

We really couldn’t care less.

You’re still our little brother in every sport.

6 in a row in football, 3 in a row in basketball, and too many rows to count in god knows how many columns in baseball.

So, let’s recap the game.

I thought the crowd was raunchier than ever before against Kentucky, but the intensity level was usurped tonight as Florida trailed for most of the game yet the crowd was behind us the whole way.

Hats off to you guys- you were going OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH at a few trillion decibels whenever UT had the ball, and whenever Golden specifically had it yall went AIR-BALL!!! AIR-BALL!!! AIR-BALL!!!

This game did concern me however, because the Gators had to scratch and claw just to stay alive. I had hoped that the Gators would jump out early and stay there, because as fun as a nice, heart attack inducing SEC ballgame is, I prefer if my team isn’t involved in it.┬áBut it was the reverse- the Vols rarely trailed or were even tied.

The free throw shooting was an issue again, with numerous misses in the last 5 minutes. Alex Tyus specifically clanked 2 in a row, giving me chills.

But once again, the Gators showed resiliency I thought was only present in silly putty. True, this was on our home floor with our crowd behind us, but still, any SEC win is something to savor.

It was time for somebody else to show up as the hero, because even though I love Chandler Parsons, if he keeps winning games for us then everybody will harrass him come crunch time and it will be left up to somebody who hasn’t had any experience doing it. I mean, I’d rather have five guys who won’t buckle under pressure than one guy who does it all the time but also four who never do.

So Erving Walker snatched the headlines, Florida snatched the win, a likely SEC regular season championship, an SEC tournament bye, and an NCAA tournament ticket.


Well, they volunteered themselves for some more misery at the hands of Florida… and sometimes, you just gotta be careful what you wish for.

Just ask Troy Smith, the Buckeyes QB who desperately wanted to play Florida so he could “see what a southern team is like silenced.”

6 thoughts on “Erving Walker Sends Vols Back To Rocky Flop Losers Once Again

  1. That was such a great win last night! Beating Tennessee always brings a smile to my face.:D
    If Chandler hadn’t gotten hurt I’m pretty sure the game wouldn’t have been quite that close.

  2. Agreed on both counts. And to me, that we fought so hard as a TEAM and kept the wheels on despite Parson’s injury holding him to 3 points says something huge about the balance of talent and heart and competitiveness throughout this team. Tells me something I wasn’t sure about before last night. These guys are ALL GATOR!!

  3. The first half was kinda hard to watch, with all the Florida turnovers…in the second half they looked like the team that spanked South Carolina last week. That steal to fast break dunk that Tyus had was epic, even if he almost blew the game with those free throws. I won’t lie, I was on the edge of my seat the entire game, and when Erv hit that layup, I lost it.

    Additionally, Scotty Wilbekin is the man. This kid is going to be great. When no one could defend Hopson, Billy D sends in the 17 year old and just SMOTHERS him. And now that he’s a deep threat too, we might finally start experiencing some consistency out of that guard spot.

  4. Absolutely. Scottie’s D on Hopson was fantastic. Parsons was to injured to guard him and Kenny was just to small. But for some reason Scottie had that mans number! His D on Hopson was one of the main reason’s why they won this game.

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