This makes a hat trick of interviews.

The prize catch this time was future Gator tight end Colin Thompson, who will be entering his senior year of high school at Archbishop Wood in the fall (like me). He graciously took some time to answer a few questions last night. (He also lives about an hour away from me… the Gator Nation is everywhere!!!)

Here it is:

Neil: Hey Colin, welcome to Gator Nation.

Colin: Glad to be a part of it and thank you!

Neil: What exactly made you choose Florida so early?

Colin: It was the best fit for me. I love what the school has to offer academically, I enjoyed meeting the students and talking with the players. It was also great talking with the coaches. It just seemed right for me.

Neil: I’ve seen tape of you, and I think you’re pretty good. But critique yourself. What do you think you’re weak at? Where do you need to improve in order to make an immediate impact on the Gators as a freshman?

Colin: I think picking up the speed of a D1, not to mention an SEC game, will be the biggest thing.

Colin ThompsonNeil: Now I know you won’t be playing with John Brantley, but what’s your take on him? How well do you think he can do in his senior season?

Colin: Honestly, there’s no limit on what he can do. He’s now in a system where he can not only succeed, but get his name up there among the top QB’s in the nation. He’s also a really great guy.

Neil: How about his heir apparent, Jeff Driskel? Your thoughts on him?

Colin: From what I have seen, he’s a beast, nothing short of it. He does everything really well and I’m really looking forward to playing with him. And just like John, he’s a great guy.

Neil: Florida switched from Steve Addazio to Charlie Weis as offensive coordinator. Obviously there were problems last year. What do you think was the main issue with the offense last year?

Colin: Nothing much, just one big thing: a system that didn’t fit the QB.

Neil: So with Weis as your boss, what do you look to accomplish?

Colin: He’s an offensive mastermind and really knows his stuff. I think the first step is getting to know him as a person and we’ll go from there.

Neil: Let’s back up a little. Before you step on the field at Florida, you still have one more year in high school. What do you want to accomplish in your senior season?

Colin: To win a Pennsylvania state championship, and to be the best teammate and player I can be.

Neil: Do you have a prediction on the 2011 Gators team?

Colin: To pull off a few shockers, can’t put a win loss record on it but they could pull off a surprising run to an SEC Championship. The sky is the limit.

Neil: What’s your take on the human fireball that is Will Muschamp?

Colin: He’s a great coach, great fatherĀ figure, great person, and his intensity, like you said, is off the charts. He’s out there to have fun, and winning is as much fun as he can have. He and I share that in common, and everybody on our roster share that with him too. He coaches the right way, which is why he was an instant player favorite, and we’ll always have his back. The same way he’ll always have our backs in anything.

Neil: What do you think Muschamp brings to the table that Bobby Petrino, Chris Peterson, Steve Spurrier, Bob Stoops, and all other potential candidates to the UF job did not bring?

Colin: The incredible intensity level. Aside from that, I can’t really tell yet. I haven’t played under him yet.

Neil: Now being a Gator not only requires all the physical and mental traits that you have, it also requires a deep hatred for Georgia and Florida State. Have you developed that hatred yet?

Colin: Not yet… I know I have to start soon though.

Neil: What kind of legacy do you think Urban Meyer left on this program?

Colin: He very well may be the best coach ever. He did so much in such little time, and he had his guys ready to play every day. 65-15 shows that.

Neil: Do you think Will Muschamp can surpass what he has done?

Colin: If anybody can, Muschamp can. Jeremy Foley picked the best possible guy to do it.

Neil: What do you think you can bring to Florida as a freshman?

Colin: I can definitely contribute some. I’m part of a great class and I think if we push ourselves we can make some big plays when we need to.

Neil: Thanks for taking time to talk. I appreciate it.

Colin: No problem man, go Gators!!!

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  1. Great interview Neil! As Always.
    Welcome to the Gator Nation Colin! You might not hate UGA or FSU now, but give it time. It won’t be to long before you’ll love to hate them.:D

  2. Welcome Colin and thanks for the interview man we appreciate it! Great job again Neil keep it coming.

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