Florida 65, Eastern Michigan 0: We Learned Little From The Blowout

It feels good to win again, doesn’t it?

That was the ultimate goal of playing Eastern Michigan, as it was to play Idaho, Charleston Southern, the Citadel, Appalachian State, and yes, Georgia Southern. The purpose wasn’t really to make any conclusions about the 2014 Gators. And while I realize many of Florida’s not a national championship team because of one game, you can’t make assumptions of any kind based off a 65-0 nuking of a team UF paid $850K to come and take their beating.

The purpose of this post is to serve as a quick warning to Gator fans: we’re on the right track, but we haven’t really proven anything- good or bad- yet.

How can you make anything of an offense that scored 65 (OK, 58 plus a pick six) on a defense that was the sixth worst in the FBS last year? How can you assess the Gators’ line blocking well for Jeff Driskel against a team that was in the bottom 10% nationally last year in sacks? What is there to learn from Andre Debose breaking thousands of tackles and nearly scoring on a punt return against a highly undisciplined special teams unit that broke their lanes within seconds of the ball leaving the punter’s foot?

The defense, as always, was ferocious. The front seven set up camp in the EMU backfield, forcing several mistakes from the Eagles’ various QB’s. Past experience tells me that Will Muschamp’s defenses are always going to to be great. But shutting out an anemic Eastern Kentucky team that finished dead last in the MAC last year in total offense isn’t a point I would be so quick to bring up in a debate about the Gators’ defense.

So it’s really impossible to tell where this team is right now. They looked good, and it felt good to explode on the scoreboard, but lose back to back games against Alabama and Tennessee and suddenly, the 65-0 score is erased from our memories. This team will not be defined by its season opening performance (duh), which is why we as fans shouldn’t put too much stock into it and celebrate it more than we do any other win over a team we pay big money to come take a beating. Let’s wait until we win more games.

Having said that, we’re probably not going to learn too much about our team from the Kentucky game, either. As I’ve said before, Kentucky is a football team’s drug. The Cats have scored a grand total of 29 points in their last five visits to the Swamp (to the Gators’ 195 in those same five games). That’s not to say Florida isn’t going to have a better season, but beating a toothless Wildcat team for the 28th straight time isn’t proving anything, either.

So we won a game, which is great. Several new Gators, such as Duke Dawson, Treon Harris and Brandon Powell, got their feet wet in the Swamp, which is really great. But we have no real data to judge this team by. Not yet.

11 thoughts on “Florida 65, Eastern Michigan 0: We Learned Little From The Blowout

  1. Well, at least we can say this team did what it was supposed to do. We couldn’t say that in 2012 and 2013.

      1. You got me there 🙂
        I was more talking about the revenue games. Hopefully we’re done with nail-biters against the ULLs, Toledos, and Jacksonville States of the world!

  2. Those who know me, know I want Lassiter gone. I don’t believe he is the right guy to lead the ship.

    I have been skeptical since day 1. I will say, creampuff or not, this team LOOKS different, looks better.

    They looked more like Florida, a team with elite athletes, than the lame Alabama wannabe they have the past few years.

    Best athletes in the country and Lassiter had them playing the kind of game you play when you are at an athletic disadvantage.

    I really liked what I saw today Saturday, and I haven’t been able to say that since, probably, 2008.

    2009 with no wideouts I knew would be………..ho hum.

    2010 with……….the human kleenex. You know My views on him.

    Then Lassiter brought his 1050’s football to town and that was enough to almost completely sour me.

    Florida under Muschamp was very similar to Texas Tech under Tuberville – it just wasn’t right.

    1. Your comment is misleading. You seem to be driving at the fact that Florida looked like they could finally be a force, but then you say that Muschamp at Florida isn’t the right fit. Which is it? Do you think the Roper/Muschamp tandem can lead to success? Or do you still want Muschamp gone?

      1. Still want him gone, regardless. He always spoke of his “vision”

        Well, his vision failed. he had to go against his nature, his vision, with Roper. No matter what they do, he should go because he had to bottom out at a 4 win season with a home loss to a FCS school before somebody finally had to pull rank on him.

        1. But his ‘vision’ is to be balanced. That’s more or less what they’re doing right now.
          Might as well root for the guy right now since we have no choice in the matter.
          Now, if this season goes off the rails yeah, let’s pull the ripcord.

          1. I’m hesitant about Champ either way. He can’t win. He has to win 9 games now without Idaho, including a bowl game, or he should be fired. I have serious questions about his ability to lead a program long term. If we’re just gonna be good one year and bad the next, I won’t tolerate him.

  3. no

    His vision was to be a clock chewing pro style ground pound team.

    It failed at Texas and it failed at Florida and now he has been forced to go with a system closer to the one he replaced.

    1. It failed at Texas? He was the D coordinator, though. How is that on him?

      Perhaps I’m optimistic to a fault but regardless of why he made the change I think maybe he’ll see this way works better at Florida. With his typically stingy defense and a competent offense I think we could see great success here.

  4. He was the coach in waiting. Mack Brown relinquished much control as he was busy gladhanding to get TLN off the ground.

    Let’s look at it from a high level. 2009 season, McCoy leads them to title game, gets injured. Garret Gilbert comes in and after a shaky 15 or so minutes, settles down and starts making it happen against Bama.

    The following season, Texas switches from the system it had employed during their glory years and went with more of a clock chewing, downhill running game. Gilbert struggles as that is not his skill set nor what he was recruited to run. That sounding familiar ?

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