Florida, Georgia Get Surprising High Seeds, Alabama Gets Screwed

Ryan said earlier that if Florida won, they’d be a 2 seed- maybe.

They played awful, got smacked, and still got a 2 seed.

It’s a strange thing, the selection committee. How they give UGA a 10 seed and ignore the fact that Alabama beat them twice with similar records is beyond me. How they think that Alabama Birmingham is better than Virginia Tech or Colorado is also beyond me.

But you know what?

If you control what you can- if you win most of your games- then this wouldn’t be an issue.

Anyway, the Gators appear to have gotten a very favorable draw, although if they play like they don’t know what a rebound is and can’t get themselves physical mismatches- and eventually fouls and free throws- they’ll be headed for an early exit.

Let’s not be so gloomy, though- on the bright side, we can avenge last year’s first round game where we got Jimmered. We could meet BYU in the Sweet 16.

Here is UF’s draw.

3 thoughts on “Florida, Georgia Get Surprising High Seeds, Alabama Gets Screwed

  1. If we don’t step it up there will be no sweet 16. I’m hope the players and coach get it together.

  2. I hate Alabama but they got absolutely butt f#cked by the selection committee. UGA get’s in but Alabama does not. Wow.
    Also wanna note that VT got screwed over as well.

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