Former Gator QB Will Grier transferring to West Virginia

Looks like one of the wildest stories in recent memory has reached its conclusion.

Former Gators QB Will Grier is set to transfer to West Virginia. The announcement comes six months after he was suspended for failing a drug test, and three months after news broke that he would leave UF.

Grier’s Florida career was short, albeit memorable. His 63 yard touchdown pass to Antonio Callaway to beat Tennessee will forever live on in Gator lore. And his first half performance against Ole Miss was statistically the best by any Gator QB in over a decade.

Then, of course, it all happened. The failed drug test. The suspension. The tearful apology. The deterioration of the Gator offense, and thus, the derailment of the season. All caused by one man’s simple mistake.

As with any story of this variety, there’s a lot more to it than is known on the surface. I know some of the esoteric details, and am still combing for more; I’ll release all I know when my research concludes and when the time is right.

For now, though, all we can do is wish Grier the best. He gave Florida fans a glimpse of promise, but more importantly, a glimpse of what the future might hold in a Jim McElwain coached offense. So good luck to you, Will. I’ll be rooting for you, in all kinds of weather.

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