Gator Fans, Let’s All Point At the Big Least Conference and Laugh HAHAHAHAHA… Now Smile

What happens when you put the best team from the Big East on the same football field as the second best from the SEC?


Many people are calling Brian Kelly a jerk for ditching Cincinnati just before the Sugar Bowl. I disagree. He was either a coward or a genius, as he knew exactly what was coming and didn’t want to be held responsible.

And he was right. The Gators opened up a 37-3 lead early in the 3rd quarter and then stopped trying.

What happens when you put a Big East team in the national championship game in basketball?

Gee, I forget, nobody from the Big East has made it to the title game since 2004.

That’s right, despite all the hype, the multitude of ranked teams, and the recruits, nobody from the Big East has reached the national championship game since Syracuse got there in 2004.

And the Big Least has 16 teams in b-ball, to everybody else’s 12 or less.

A common argument from Big Least fans is that “we beat each other up during conference games so much because everybody is so awesome that we’re all tired come March Madness.”

Take that argument elsewhere.

The SEC is by far the best conference in football, and has produced the last 5 National Champions. Don’t those teams get tired and appear dead to the world in the BCS Title Game?

But this is a Gators blog, so this is ultimately going to tie into our football and basketball teams.

Football first.

The Big East is a disgrace to college football. Everybody knows that. UConn fans won’t admit it, but they’re probably thankful they only lost 48-20 to Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, and the same with Cincy fans about the Sugar Bowl to Florida. TCU made a huge mistake going there.

But what is it that those teams lack? Why exactly do they suck and blow enough to cause tornadoes (QUICK EVERYBODY LIVING IN A BIG LEAST CITY RUN)?

No enthusiasm from the fans is a big one. Aside from USF’s Raymond James Stadium, where the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers play, pretty much every stadium could fit inside a glove. Cincy had to rent out the Paul Brown Stadium JUST to play Oklahoma.

We SEC fans laugh at these maximum capacity numbers:

Cincinnati: 35,097

Connecticut: 39,995

Louisville: 42,012

Pittsburgh: 65,050 (NFL’s Steelers home field)

Rutgers: 52,454

Syracuse: 49,262

South Florida: 66,321 (NFL’s Buccaneers home field)

West Virginia: 59,986

Now, let’s compare those to the SEC stadiums:

Alabama: 101,821

Arkansas: 76,000

Auburn: 87,451

Florida: 88,541

Georgia: 92,746

Kentucky: 67,606

LSU: 92,400

Mississippi State: 55,082

Ole Miss: 60,850

South Carolina: 80,250

Tennessee: 102,37

Vanderbilt: 40,410

Now, what I want you to do, is compare the stadiums above. The left is an SEC stadium, the right a Big East stadium. Which look bigger? Is it even close?

Clearly, more people want to watch games in the SEC. And just as clearly, it has a negative effect on opponents.

But fans don’t get to coach the games.

However, the fans are drawn by the same characteristic that coaches in the SEC just have to have: enthusiasm.

I’m not saying coaches should all be psycho, like Nick Saban. But every coach has to yell at his players at some point, every coach has to give pre-game, halftime and other pep talks. That was one of the more cryptic reasons Addazio sucked; he had zero emotion.

Will Muschamp, however….

Yes, you have read this before. Ryan mentioned this following Auburn beating Oregon for the BCS Championship. Will Muschamp is definitely crazy.

That’s won Saban a couple BCS Championships.

But Ryan just mentioned it regarding BCS Championship Games. This post gives you guys a shot to have a laugh at the real “Little Sisters of the Poor”‘s expense while showing you that it wasn’t just a coincidence, the same is true in multiple examples.

Bottom line: emotion has been proven multiple times to lead to success.

Now, onto basketball.

The Big Least has a habit of choking in the Big Dance, and just in general. Last year, I nearly collapsed from laughter as Ohio, one of the worst teams in the tournament, crushed Georgetown 97-83.

Then, Syracuse got knocked down by non-AQ, Cindarella candidate Butler, 63-59.

What is this? Do we have a choke parade? Yes, we do.

And we will probably have it again this year.

Moral: The Big East is full of chokers.

Now look back at Florida’s conference games that went into OT.

The Gators gritted their teeth, ground through it, and won all three against decent teams: #24 Vanderbilt at home, at Georgia and at Tennessee.

See where I’m headed?

To sum this entire post up: the main faults of the Big East are not present in the Gators.

The Gators’ football coach is full of emotion, while the Big Least stadiums are either shared with NFL teams or below 60,000, meaning the fans don’t care.

The Gators’ basketball team pulls through in big games despite bad foul shooting, while the Big Least chokes in big games.

The Gators are a legitimate team in both sports, while the Big Least is full of chokers.

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