Here’s the Surprise!!!

OK guys, the surprise I promised you is here.

This took weeks to prepare. It probably would have taken me about 5 hours straight from start to finish but I’m a busy guy, and have a social life. So if anybody has gotten the image of me as some sedentary sea sponge that does nothing all day and hides behind the keyboard, you’re sadly mistaken. If that was the case, this would have been up in early November at the latest.

Enjoy it guys!!!



13 thoughts on “Here’s the Surprise!!!

  1. That pick off of Murray was like taking candy from a baby… morally unethical and frowned upon. I hope his daddy, Richt, brought his pacifier to the stadium that day…

  2. Thanks man it’s my second hobby, really time consuming but fun!!! I wish I could do it more often… I’ve only put up like 50 videos in 2 years. Next up: Florida vs. Florida State.

  3. That was sick dude! Looking forward to the FSU video…Tebow covered in red endzone paint like he just killed every m-fer on the battlefield.

  4. No he didn’t because if he had then he would have been using it during the timeouts Meyer called. He was whining like a bitch postgame, so he must not have.

  5. Unfortunately that probably won’t be up for awhile… it took a long time just to get footage of old Florida-Georgia games, now I have to go collect old UF-FSU ones. But I’m up for it!

  6. Can’t wait for the FSU video man, I really dislike the Criminals. Mark R. also said he was telling his mommy on you because you are picking on him.

  7. Did he? Well good for him, he’s a smart guy because he knows his mommy can’t put him in timeout because Urban Meyer stole them from her and used them. You only get 3 a half, you know.

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