IAKOW March Madness pool: how to enter, rules and home page

Welcome to the official In All Kinds Of Weather March Madness bracket challenge.

Here’s the link to the group.

The scoring system goes as follows: 1 point for correct picks in the round of 64, 3 for the round of 32, and then 5, 10, 15 and 20 for the last four rounds. In addition, points will be awarded for correctly picking an upset; the amount of these bonus points you will get is the difference between the seed numbers.

So as a brief example: picking Kansas to beat New Mexico State is worth one point, as Kansas is the higher seed. Similarly, picking Oregon to beat Oklahoma State is worth one point because Oregon is the higher seed. But picking LSU to beat NC State is worth two, because LSU is the 9 seed, and 9-8 equals one, so one for the correct pick and one more for the upset. And if you have enough guts to pick Texas Southern over Arizona, you’ll get 14 points for that one if you get it right, because 15-2 equals 13, plus the standard one point for a correct pick.

That rule remains the same in later rounds, only the seed differential is multiplied by the number of points that round is worth. So if you have Oregon beating Oklahoma State and then beating Wisconsin in the round of 32, that pick would gain you 21 points for the upset (8-1 equals 7, times 3) and then three more for the correct pick- so 24 total.

Yes, gutsiness will be rewarded.

As for prizes? Well, the champion of the league will get a pretty neat experience. It’s a surprise! But after the national champion has been crowned, I will be reaching out to the winner via email to discuss the next steps.

Good luck, and go Gators.