Introducing “Trophy Case”, new navigation features to IAKOW

I’ve been promising my treasured audience at In All Kinds Of Weather some awesome new features for months now, and it’s finally time to unveil two of the really big ones.

The first of these features is the orange menu bar beneath the running InAllKindsOfWeather header logo at the top of the page. OK, so that’s been there for awhile now. Click on the “Baseball”, “Basketball” and “Football” tabs. That will send you to our extensive archive of coverage of the Gator sports team you clicked on; that’s also been working for several weeks now.

But it gets much better. Hover on each of those tabs, and you’ll get a drop down menu that should look like this…

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.23.29 AM

…and yep, those drop down options are what you think they are. We’ve got everything you could possibly want to find about the football, baseball and basketball teams right here under the teams’ tabs (or we will once they become available, like the schedule and team statistics for football and basketball).

The last option under each of those tabs is called the “Trophy Case” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. I’ve put together a virtual trophy case for each of those big three sports, so if ever you’re in the mood to be nostalgic and look back on those programs’ accomplishments, the Trophy Cases are the places to do it. They each contain a list of… well, I’ll let you check them out and see for yourselves. And yes, I constantly update them as Florida keeps winning.

On a similar note, the #EverythingSchool tab does the same thing for the Gators’ other sports- softball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, etc. You’ll get a drop down menu with each sport, and you’ll find similar “trophy cases” for each of those teams.

We’re still not done installing new features to the site, but those two- the new information we have available for each team and their various “Trophy Cases” were the really big ones that took a lot of time. But keep checking for more, similarly awesome features, as well as maybe some updates to these features if needed/requested. (And of course, if any of y’all have any suggestions on what you’d like to see on IAKOW, I’m always willing to hear you out, so don’t be afraid to shoot me an email at or post a comment.)

My goal is to make In All Kinds Of Weather the best Gator site on the web in every way imaginable, and I hope you guys get the enjoyment out of these features I thought you would when I created them. There are a few other Gator blogs out there that do fantastic work on the article front too, like Only Gators and Alligator Army, but none of them have this extensive a database for Gator sports information.

To my knowledge, nobody’s ever tried doing something like this before on a sports blog. Then again, I’m not anybody. And Florida’s not any school; it’s the #EverythingSchool.