Jacoby Brissett to Become a Gator… But So What?

It’s great that Jacoby Brissett, a high three star QB out of Palm Beach Gardens, slapped his mom in the face and declared himself a Gator.

Honestly, any insult to any Cane fan is pleasing… but will this really help Florida?

Look around, there are quarterbacks surrounding him.

First, there’s John Brantley, who I think if everybody had to bet their last dollar would be the starting QB from Day 1. Brantley has proven a lot at Florida: he has a great strong arm, Steve Addazio is a moron and he is capable of making bad decisions coupled with inaccuracy in crunch time.

Then there’s Jeff Driskel, more of a Tebow type. Don’t let that fool you though: just because he CAN bowl defenders over (at least in high school, and that doesn’t always translate to the college level) doesn’t mean he will. He too has a great arm, but having said that, he is a freshman.

And then, finally, there’s Jordan Reed, more of a Cam Newton. He can throw deceptively well for his size and strength, and I believe he could become a great QB. In 2012. Which is not this year. And I don’t think Florida wants to waste a year teaching him how to be a pro style QB.

Now here comes Brissett: a decent, fairly mobile QB. But he’s just that: fairly mobile, not a dual threat. I really don’t see where he would play.

However, this is still a great sign.

Hauling Brissett on board is a clear sign that despite the incredible inadequecy of Steve Addazio to run an offense, UF is still UF and is still prestigious enough of a school for top players in the state. The Gators are still the Gators.

If you follow recruiting, then you know what that means.

If you don’t, then let me put it to you this way: Addazio screwed us over big time, but Florida still controls the state of Florida. Not like they did under Meyer, but enough to keep other teams from out of state from raiding the talent rich state of Florida. So it becomes a battle between Florida, FSU, and Miami.

And the worst the Gators can do is get a quarter of that talent, because another quarter goes to Miami and another to FSU (for argument’s sake). Say the other 25% goes to UCF, USF, FAU, FIU or out of state.

Steve Addazio, thank the sweet lord that you weren’t here for one more year.

If you had stayed for 2011- no, if URBAN MEYER had stayed for 2011 (because he had said that you would remain on board) then Florida would have been unofficially screwed.

I love you Urban Meyer, but goodbye.

Will Muschamp can get this done.

35 thoughts on “Jacoby Brissett to Become a Gator… But So What?

  1. You never know with these types of things. People thought “so what?” about Justin Midgett because he was recruited behind Tim Tebow and it worked out that not caring made sense in that case. On the flipside, people thought “so what?” about the signing of Rex Grossman behind Brock Berlin, who was the #1 QB recruit in the nation and we certainly ended up caring about him.

    Driskel sounds great right now, but who’s to say he’s not the next Brock Berlin? It’s always great to hedge our bets with recruits, as there are plenty of instances where the 3-star guy that no one cared about ends up being the superstar while the 5-star prized recruit dwindles into obscurity.

    Like you said though, it’s great to see we can still pull these guys in even after such a down year offensively.

  2. I had the pleasure of watching Brissett play in person. Let me tell you the guy is a baller. He may be a three star QB according to ESPN, but rivals rate him as the third best QB in this class. Neil normally your spot on but I have to ask what does mobility have to. do with playing QB for Weis? Brady, Cassell, Clausen all slow. Brissett played in more of a pro style offense than Driskel. Brissett knows how to drop back while keeping his eyes down the field he is ahead of Driskel in that aspect. You also forgot about Tyler Murphy that guy has a cannon and he will be in the 2nd string race. Jordan Reed isn’t playing QB he’s to athletic and we need that in other positions like TE or wildcat QB. With that being said GO GATORS BOOM!

  3. “He can throw deceptively well for his size and strength,”

    What the f*ck does that even mean ?

    That is one of the most nonsensical things I’ve read in a long time, and you’ve been on a roll lately.

  4. Jordan Reed is not the guy I want as our QB. He’s not a true QB he’s a TE. Just because he did better than Brantley last season does not mean at all that he will make a great QB. Driskel, Brisset, Murphy, and even McGriff are the guys that will be battling it out for 2nd string, not Reed. And yes, we do have a good stock pile of QB’s right now but having Brisset will be important because he can keep Driskel on his toes and make him earn the 2nd string spot instead of having it handed to him. It’ll be good healthy competition.
    Plus, Weis is an offensive genius. He can have Brissett line up in the slot or out wide in addition to taking snaps. He will be able to use him somewhere.

  5. Because when you see somebody as big as him, you generally think Cam Newton type QB, or Tim Tebow type QB: looks more like a tight end or a fullback than a QB. He is 223 pounds- two less than Tebow was upon arrival at Florida. Calm down

  6. No but he’s a possibility to play QB. I listed QB’s who, if everybody ahead of them got hurt, would play QB. Reed is still a name in that lst. Will he get first or second crack at QB? No.

  7. Mobility is never a bad thing, but I think people are missing the point of the article. I did hint at the fact that he has a long road to climb to be the starting QB, at best, but the bigger picture is the recruiting part I hit at the end.

  8. OK I think everybody is missing the point of this post. Let me clarify something. Yes, he does have a long way to go to become QB, and yes, Weis can use him somehow. All I said was that Reed is another possibility to play QB should everybody ahead of him go down.

    The real point of this post, however, is to hit on the recruiting part. This is a great sign for recruiting, and even though it doesn’t look like it will help Florida out all that much right away, it’s still a sign that they have maintained some control over the state of Florida.

  9. My point of the article is this: regardless of how useful or useless he might be, the Gators still have some power in the state of Florida in recruiting. I just gave the worst case scenario: Brissett is useless and will never play. That’s the worst that could possibly happen barring a transfer.

    Even if that happens, this was a great sign. That’s my point.

  10. So it surprises you that a guy who is a trained QB and was recruited as one can throw well ?

    Cam Newton can make all kinds of throws.

    So, in short, you’re shocked that a prototypical QB can throw well.

  11. No, in short, you take what I say, twist it around like a lump of clay, and come up with something wrong.

    These are the facts: Tebow weighed 225 upon arrival at Florida. Brissett weighs 223. Tebow was 6’3 to Brissett’s 6’4.

    They had almost identical builds. I’d love to see you argue with that.

    Tebow was looked at by some as a tight end, because he was built like one. If you first looked at him, without watching film of him or seeing him move at all, would you think he was a QB with an arm like he has?

    Put it this way. If you saw him in a room, and he was just standing against the wall and he told you “I play football”, would your first guess be that he’s a QB?

    Well I guess you would, since you know everything.

  12. “Need someone to tell you how it is without sugar coating it? Then Neil is your guy. Check out his latest posts below.”

    For someone who claims to keep it raw, you sure don’t like when others use the sucralose.

    I turned nothing around. The guy is a QB. It doesn’t matter what his size is. There’s nothing at all surprising about a QB who can throw well.

    The ONLY time size would be a factor in how surprising a trained qb throws would be if someone like Kellen Moore was launching Jamarcus Russel type bombs 70 yards from his knees.

    Now, if Reed had been strictly a TE his whole life and started throwing, we could say “he throws deceptively well for a TE”

    However, there’s nothing surprising about a QB who throws well.

    If you want to fancy yourself an analyst, I am all for it. As I have said before, what you’re doing here is great. Just know that when you make your pieces public, there’s a good chance there’ll be someone waiting to offer a correction.

    PS Size wasn’t the reason people thought of Tebow as a TE. Part of the reason people looked at Tebow as a TE was because of his intensity and his wonky throwing motion. Since people were unsure of his ability to play QB, he was being looked at because he had the size. However, the motion had zero to do with his size – that’s just bad coaching (lack thereof) coming up the ranks.

  13. Yes I understood the big picture, and that was Dumbazzio had to go if Florida wanted to stay on top.

  14. What about Ryan Mallet he’s huge? We shouldn’t assume a guy is in the Newton category just because he looks the part

  15. Putting Brissett out wide would be like putting Brantley out wide lol. Brissett is a drop back QB who can scramble when needed.

  16. With Weis’s help he could play QB but I just don’t see it. He may get a wildcat package.

  17. Your right about that but no QB can look great running Dumbazzio’s offense. Even Tebow looked average.

  18. Yes with all the talented coaches on this staff we should rack up on recruits in the future. Even with that sorry team we had last year Urban was going to bring in a top 3 class.

  19. Apparently, even if we’ve seen a guy play, we should be surprised if he looks ok doing what he was trained to do.

    Brandon Spikes tackled deceptively well for a guy his size.

    Carlos Dunlap attacked the tackle deceptively well for a guy his size.

    Larry Fitzgerald catches jump balls deceptively well for a guy his size.

  20. And that’s true for all of them. We know that they can do those things now because we’ve watched it happen. But if you saw Larry Fitzgerald without knowing who he was, you would have no idea that he could outjump guys.

  21. I know it doesn’t seem it at all, but I actually love your constructive criticism. I really do. And maybe you do know more football than me- you’ve been coaching for 16 years, as you say. My only complaint with you is that sometimes you criticize stuff that doesn’t need it. I’ll be the first to admit when an article in controversial- look no further than this one.

    But it’s when I say something like “he has good vision” and you say “he has good instinct, and vision, there’s no difference” or whatever it was, that’s kind of annoying because I have worked with my high school’s offense- yes, worked with the players, and not by giving them towels or water- for two years. I definitely know what I’m saying about offense. As for defense, I know a fair amount, because you can’t know nothing about the opposite side of the ball, but when you say that vision and instinct are identical, it kind of pisses me off because yes, that was slightly off, but you act like there’s a day and night difference.

    And what I was saying about Brissett is that if you saw him in a room just hanging out with his teammates, and you did not know who he was, you probably would not guess he could throw well.

    That’s all. As long as you keep your criticism constructive, I really have no issue with you making corrections.

    And by the way, Ryan did that “Neil’s Corner” thing with the intro. I had nothing to do with that. I like the way it’s set up, but Ryan did it and not me.

  22. That’s just it.

    You have the right idea. Your heart is definitely in the right place. I’m just hear to make sure your write ups are spot on. Hell, maybe my corrections can help people appreciate players more than they already do.

    As for the walking in a room part, I wouldn’t really say it applies to college. College is the last bastion of REAL football. That crap Gooddell produces is just affirmative action garbage.

    If I were to walk in a room full of college players, Olinemen notwithstanding, I’d probably assume most of them can do a little bit of everything. If they were shirtless, I’d be able to tell who does what – musculature speaks volumes.

    Now, if I was to walk into an room full of NFL players, the glorified dart players aka the quarterbacks, by and large, would stand out. Well, to a certain extent. It would be easy to confuse them with the punters and kickers.

    I am going to explain why I thought this article’s write up was ridiculous.

    Get yourself in this headspace.

    Feb 7, 2013.

    And then, finally, there’s Jacoby Brisset, more of a Jordan Reed. He can throw deceptively well for his size and strength,

    Now, this would be after he’s been on campus a couple of years. Was recruited as a QB. We’ve seen him play QB. We’ve seen the recruiting video of his high school years.

    You see why that statement kind jumps out as a bit crazy 2 years into one’s college career ?

  23. “And that’s true for all of them. We know that they can do those things now because we’ve watched it happen. But if you saw Larry Fitzgerald without knowing who he was, you would have no idea that he could outjump guys.”

    If I saw a 6’3 guy with around %5 body fat, ripped to pieces with extremely developed calfs and thighs (which indicate an emphasis, or at least a leaning, toward plyometric training) I wouldn’t know he could jump well ?

    Here’s a tip for you, and I realize it’s hard because you;re dealing with high school kids – you could come back the next year to find the meek mild guy grew 7 inches now is a lumbering clumsy oaf. Then the next year he’s filled out into a beast.

    When dealing with players – you can tell a lot just by looking at their bodies. Sounds kinda…….well, you know. However, it’s true. If you have a hefty guy with a big gut but a big bubble ass, there’s a strong chance he’d make a good lineman.

    If you have a tall lean guy who can motor and/or leap, you have yourself a good receiving option. Unless, of course, your team is terrible and devoid of anyone, then you consider putting him at QB to run everything through him. That’s how the Vince Young and Michael Vicks of the world come to be.

    Regardless, you can tell a lot by simply looking at how someone is built. It’s not %100. Not even close. It’s usually about %70 percent. And you have to have the ability to know when it isn’t working and stop trying to force them to live up to their build (maybe they don’t have the temperament for it etc) but you can usually tell where a person will play by looking at them.

    In my playing days is when I started coaching and recruiting. I was able to coax people into coming out for the team because of the social circles I traveled in. I was also given a lot of latitude in playcalling because, believe it or not, I didn’t call my own number all the time – in fact, the majority of the time I called a play, it was to use myself as a decoy. Every now and then, I’d call a deep bomb to myself – seems selfish, but I was also the track champion ie nobody was faster so why wouldn’t I call a bomb to myself every few games ?

    It was a thing of beauty. I’d motion from the backfield to the right. Most of the time, I was out there blocking for an end around. However, once every few games, I’d sprint deep and let the qb launch it and I’d run under it.

    Anyhow, that’s how I got into coaching – I was a part time playcaller as a player. I was the main recruiter. I pretty much assembled the team and who played what position. So, when my playing days were done, I coached.

  24. I’m going to start calling The Bone “Coach Bone” Ryan needs to put you on the staff give Neil a little healthy competition lol.question coach bone would you keep reed as a QB or another position.

  25. With the talent coming in, maybe as an emergency.

    I’d hardcore crash course him at TE since he has his feet wet and it’s a position of need, despite the presence of Clark, Christian and the incoming.

  26. Even better maybe you could be an editor so if you don’t like anything I write you can tell me before I post it.

  27. But see I agree with that 100% so it’s not like we’re totally different. I have said before that Reed could play QB as a last resort.

  28. Just imagine Reed playing TE and we run a trick play of him throwing a bomb to Driskel BOOM

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