Janoris Jenkins Kicked Off Team- Gators Right Back Where They Started

My English teachers of years past would be so proud of me. I’m going to use a metaphor to describe this.

You’re an investor.

You’ve already got 16 million bucks saved up. As your last move, you make a risky investment for 2 million- and after a long time of fighting, you get it.

Then your bank gets robbed and the thief took 2 million.

What do you have left?

16 million dollars.

Now we compare this to our real life situation, where our dear moron Janoris Jenkins plays the 2 million bucks. The cigar is the thief and the team is?

16 million dollars.

So we haven’t lost anything. Literally- Jenkins was supposed to be a top draft pick. We didn’t even lose reps for his potential backups in spring ball- he was out with a shoulder injury.

Having said that, I am PISSED. As in Steve Addazio vs Steve Spurrier aftermath PISSED.

Kicking him off the team does nothing, now that I think about it. What lesson will he learn? Not to do weed again? Yeah, that worked great last time! At the very least, I hope it taught him to smoke in private. So he’ll do what Cam Newton did- “learn his lesson” and not play football for a year, while he’s training, and then he’ll either transfer to a top notch school, FSU, Miami or Georgia (notice the separation between top schools and real thug schools) where he’ll have a fantastic senior season and relaunch his image as a top 10 draft pick.

It’s better if we suspended him for the whole season and reinstated him for a bowl game instead of just kicking him off. Do what Chip Kelly did with LeGarrette Blount- if he’s behaving, reinstate him for the last game or two. That will prove that he’s loyal to the university and that he’s improved his character and kicked the addiction.

And I’m not saying this just to have him play to help our team. If I did, I’d just play him against FAU.

Now that he’s gone, in all honesty, I am nearly as upset as I was after half our games last year. I used to rate idiocy on a scale of one to Georgia but Steve Addazio came along and broke it. Now I rate stupidity from one to Addazio- and Jenkins just broke that.

That’s actually a good debate- who’s dumber, Addazio or Jenkins?

Sound off in the comment section or get a good forum discussion going. I’d LOVE to see that.

Enough of Jenkins. Back to the Gators. That’s right, they are now two different subjects because Jenkins has been kicked off the team this morning, in case your name is Steve Addazio and you’re reading this and thus are not able to figure that out yet.

So back to the Gators. We have lost nothing, just came right back down to where we were previously.

Since Jenkins never participated in spring practice, we got to watch his potential replacements blossom. If I had to pick right now who would be our top CB, I’d go with Jeremy Brown. He had a fantastic start to his season- three picks in four games- until his injury stopped him. He was very good in the Outback Bowl, recording three solo tackles.

After that, it’s up to summer practice to determine a #2 and #3 CB. I do know one thing, whoever gets playing time will be extremely talented… hey, that sounds familiar….

Because we’re Florida. We always bring in top talent. It’s just who we are. When the coaching is subpar, we don’t get wins. Even with Addazio, hell, even with Zook we were loaded . Meyer proved that by leading the Gators to a steamroll national championship over Ohio State. Since 1990, talent has NEVER been the issue.

One of the very first posts Ryan made here was “Name me a Better Hire than Charlie Weis”. What does this have to do with defense, you might be asking? Everything. With a proven genius running the half of the team that he’s not comfortable with, he’s 100% free to run the half that he is not only comfortable with but is a known genius himself at without worries. And Dan Quinn wasn’t a bad hire either. I would have preferred Kirby Smart but Quinn isn’t bad.

So these are the coaches we have to develop our talent. Meyer’s group included 5 current head coaches at the FBS level. Muschamp’s group includes a different but equally capable coaching staff. My personal favorite hire of Muschamp’s was Bryant Young. He is very capable of getting the most out of his players.

And Florida is very capable of stunning the nation and winning it all this year.

4 thoughts on “Janoris Jenkins Kicked Off Team- Gators Right Back Where They Started

  1. I’m not sure if Janoris would be able to transfer and play again Neil, since he was a senior and unless he gets granted another year of eligibility his only option would be to go pro next year which I think he will there is really nothing left for him in college so why wait. As for the punishment I view it as a show for the players still on the roster that thuggery of any kind will not be tolerated and you will be gone no matter who you are. I applaud Mushcamp for this because without discipline we might as well be Miami. Now as for the Gators being ok I agree 100%, if our front 7 is beastly enough to get tremendous amounts of pressure on opposing QBs it won’t matter who is playing corner cause there will be lame duck passes all day. Brown, Riggs, and Moses Jenkins should get us decent if not good options at that position as well as Elam playing safety. Whats we’re really going to miss is Black at safety that is what I’m worried we can’t replace.

  2. If he does enter the supplemental draft I have a bad feeling as to where he’ll go…speedy ball hawking corner, off the field issues, team quite possibly in need of a new corner after loss of one of the best in the league, yeah Crazy Al will pick him up and he’ll be in silver and black unfortunately, I hope Jerry Jones takes him instead.

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