Jeff Driskel Will Start Against LSU; Will Grier’s Redshirt Burned?

Despite struggling mightily on Saturday against Tennessee and being pulled for true freshman Treon Harris, Jeff Driskel will get the start against LSU this Saturday night, Will Muschamp confirms.

Part of this is because of the whole Treon Harris mess. But this wasn’t really a surprise to me, nor did the announcement really break any news. We first told you it would have happened regardless yesterday:

Muschamp did say at his press conference that he was a little uncertain about starting Driskel again at first. But a source tells me that he would have eventually given Driskel one last shot due to his experience, and how he dealt with adversity the last time he faced LSU. Note that Muschamp said he was “uncertain”; all that means is that he would have thought twice before starting Driskel… before he would actually start Driskel, regardless of his horrid performance against Tennessee (not to mention Alabama).

But here’s where it gets fun. Without Treon Harris, the backup QB position will be battled out between Skyler Mornhinweg, who was just treated in the hospital for a cut lip as a result of a fight, and Will Grier, who just got cleared to practice after fighting back spasms. My obvious pick to win the backup job is Grier- we all saw Mornhinweg play last year, and it wasn’t pretty- which means that his redshirt may be burned.

Muschamp addressed that last topic directly, saying that “we were probably going to redshirt Grier last year, but now that’s off the table.” That basically means that, even though Grier technically has to beat Mornhinweg out first, Muschamp is planning on playing him should Driskel struggle. And given how much Driskel has struggled in recent weeks, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that he might struggle against LSU, too (even though the Bayou Bengals’ defense is pretty bad).

On the other hand, Les Miles has stated that he will not pick a starting quarterback today for Saturday’s Florida-LSU game. Both Brandon Harris and Anthony Jennings took lots of snaps with the first team.

We have MUCH more coming in the next couple days on all of this, so stay tuned. We’ll give you updates as they become available.

9 thoughts on “Jeff Driskel Will Start Against LSU; Will Grier’s Redshirt Burned?

  1. Well, we all knew Driskel would start. If the receivers can catch, JD may be fine. If this goes bad with Treon, Grier will be the man.

  2. Well, if he ever takes the field his redshirt is burned. If not, he can still redshirt.

  3. How much longer is Muschamp gonna stick with this guy? What’s he have to do to get benched? Go 2-35 with four picks against an LSU defense that got torn apart by Auburn last week? I mean, Jesus, if three quarters of scoreless football with three picks against a Tennessee team that isn’t making a bowl game wasn’t enough to earn him a spot on the bench for good, what will be? I’m almost frightened what the answer is.

  4. Well, Skyler is really the only likely option as backup Saturday. with Treon not being back and Grier only being able to start practicing again on Monday after a month of being sidelined with Back Spasms. and Skyler didn’t look so good last year when he had to fill in.. although we do have a Wide Receiver that has a redshirt now that played QB in High school.. maybe give Alvin Bailey a chance to play QB?or Provancha or Mcgriff and have someone else be play caller?

  5. I’m not saying Jeff is a great QB or anything, but several of his incompletions and 2 of his interceptions against Tennessee were drops or tips by the wide receiver that should have been caught. You can’t really blame the QB for an incompletion or interception that hits your receiver in the hands. Still wish we had Treon for LSU though.

  6. Really?

    All we have at this point is Driskel. C’mon man, at his worst at least he knows the offense.

    I wanted Grier or Harris but Grier is not ready and Harris may never clear his name.

  7. too bad driscol has been such a disappointment. wasn’t he ranked the #1 QB in the state when UF picked him? What happened to him on his way to Gainesville?

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