Muschamp Is Doing Better Than 7-6 Record Suggests

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I’m not sure how much you guys have followed football recruiting lately. I haven’t a whole lot myself.

Credit Will Muschamp and his staff for that.

What’s come to be known by some as Texas style recruiting is paying off in spades for Florida.

With each passing year, more and more teams do it, but Urban Meyer never really did quite like Muschamp, Saban, Mack Brown, or Bob Stoops.

In short, Texas style recruiting means hooking (no pun intended) kids early in the recruiting process, then holding onto them. This is a win win for everybody involved, even for the teams the kid didn’t commit to, because usually they will not waste their time on the already committed recruit that they could use on an equally valuable, uncommitted recruit. The only loser is ESPNU, because signing day won’t mean anything if everybody already knows where they’re going. They may get one or two surprising flips, like Dante Fowler but they can’t expect much more.

Most kids love to get the recruiting process over with early. Even the ones with big heads who love to play with the media and coaches get tired of it pretty quickly. It’s really annoying after awhile. I had enough of it after a few weeks- and the schools that came after me were mainly DIII. I can imagine how much worse it is for football at the premiere level of DI.

The great thing is, Will Muschamp likes to get his kids to commit early. And when most recruits like to oblige him with early commitments, it’s game over- because both sides are happy (I’m assuming the kid likes UF enough to play there).

Last year, however, Urban Meyer left us in a bad state. I’ve gotten over some of my anger toward Meyer- if he can get a job elsewhere- let him. Besides, his spread offense had run its course. It’s not like there was any sign of promise that more greatness was coming after 2010, aside from the #1 recruiting class he pulled in for the 2010 class- and a bunch of those guys are gone anyway.

I still blame Addazio for this. He was the one who ran the team the entire 2009 offseason, meaning the recruiting class as well. While the #1 2010 class remained firm, future classes fell hard. Big time recruits, such as top running back Mike Bellamy, were scared off by the disgraceful offense he put out. Losing recruits means an ever so slight loss of prestige for future classes. It puts the thought in future recruits’ heads, “There must be something better about Clemson than Florida.”

So for Addazio (and Meyer) to be LOSING recruits during the time that more and more teams are GETTING them…. you can finish the sentence.

The other really destructive move Addazio made was crushing the confidence of John Brantley. Forget the 2011 season. He and Meyer share the blame for this one. Had Florida installed an offense that fit Brantley’s style, who knows, he might have slung bullets everywhere en route to a Heisman. Is that realistic? Probably not. But the point is, nobody knows. That nightmare 2010 immediately segued into even greater embarrassment in 2011. Brantley had zero confidence heading into the season, and as a result flopped. Sure, go ahead and blame some of this on Charlie Weis, but remember his track record that had Gator fans giddy with joy.

For those of you that don’t remember how talented Brantley appeared to be, refresh your memory here.

Neither the poor (by Gator standards; #13 in the nation isn’t exactly chopped liver) recruiting class nor Brantley’s horrible senior year can be blamed on Muschamp, or even Weis.

Nope, the blame lies on Meyer and Addazio. They were the head coaches from the end of the 2009 season to the end of the 2010 season- the 365 day period where Gator football fell off the top of the mountain. In order to get back up, Will Muschamp knew he had to drop back down another few feet, find a new, different route and take that one back up.

So Gators and haters alike, watch out for a return to the top by the Gators. A national championship appears to be at least a year away, but 10 wins (bowl game included) and a trip to Atlanta are very realistic for 2012.

Yes, Muschamp has absolutely earned that extension, if that’s what you’re wondering.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more Neil, Muschamp deserved the raise. I don’t understand how people cam be that mad at the guy for trying to right the ship that Meyer bailed on. We will 9 or 10 games this year and next year hide he women and children because Florida will be back! Can you imagine and stronger faster Alabama LSU hybrid team? That will be Florida

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