Muschamp Rolling Along, Robs Georgia Again… What a Surprise… This Time It’s Jafar Mann

OK, seriously, this is getting a little unfair.

Muschamp has just robbed the state of Georgia AGAIN.

The prize catch this time is defensive tackle Jafar Mann, out of Stephenson High School in Atlanta, Georgia.


Wait, does that sound familiar?

Oh, yeah, that’s right. This is the second time in one month that a Stephenson high school recruit dissed Georgia for Florida. The first one was running back Mike Davis, an ESPNU Watch List.

JafarMannJasonGetz-300x229.jpgThis is the Gators’ seventh commit for 2012, and in even better news, the Gators still might not be done raiding the state of Georgia.

Mann said that there is a “strong possibility” that he would convince fellow Stephenson Jaguars defensive end Jarontay Jones and linebacker Raphael Kirby. Although it is too early for ranking and ratings, all four Stephenson athletes have double digit scholarship offers already. The common schools for the four of them are Georgia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, Maryland, West Virginia, and South Florida.

Those aren’t bad schools at all, right?

Mann even hinted that he had good friends on rival schools in Georgia. He didn’t say who, but it wouldn’t make sense for him to say that if they weren’t good, right? I mean, the collective stupidity of the state of Georgia might have gotten to him and inspired him to spout garbage like the UGA fans do, but why else would he say that?

One thing is for sure. If Mark Richt wants another Dream Team, he’d better hurry up, before Muschamp creates his own.

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