DB Spencer Perry, WR Isaiah Johnson commit to Florida

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Score two more for Jim McElwain.

Yesterday, the Gators received verbal commitments from DB Spencer Perry (Auburn, AL/IMG Academy) and WR Isaiah Johnson (Palm Beach, FL/Dwyer). The pair are taking a visit to Gainesville this weekend, and neither wasted any time in giving Jim McElwain their verbal commitments. Florida’s 2016 recruiting class now consists of seven total players.

More importantly, McElwain finally stuck it to his Gator predecessor, and is beginning to fix bridges that he burned.

Perry’s offer list includes Auburn, Michigan and Mississippi State, along with twenty or so other FBS programs. He’s not one of the most nationally known recruits, but he’s an up and comer, picking up offers left and right- most notably from Auburn, and former Gator coach Will Muschamp, who’s been rather unpleasant to deal with on the recruiting trail. In fact, he was so impressed by Muschamp that he called him a genius. In general, Muschamp’s been nothing but trouble for Florida since the 2013 Sugar Bowl, and so it’s nice to finally pay him back by stealing a rising kid from his own backyard that had really liked him.

Johnson, on the other hand, was a former Miami Hurricane commit who is known for making guys miss after the catch and turning flares and hitches into long touchdowns. He was also offered by Miami, Louisville and Illinois- not bad- but his offer list is not what makes this pickup so big. He’s from Dwyer High School in Palm Beach- the same high school Jacoby Brissett once starred at, and thus, the same school Muschamp turned off by destroying Brissett’s career at UF.

McElwain still isn’t landing the premier players in the 2016 class, but for now, that’s OK. He doesn’t have to. This early in the game, it’s all about cleaning up the mess Muschamp started, and he’s doing that about as well as one could ask him to. Reeling in the big fish- the four and five stars- is going to be what this class ultimately needs, but it can wait until the summer. Again, though, it’s great to see that McElwain is able to overcome previous Muschamp failures and sway kids’ minds- maybe just as important as landing a five star.

That last bit isn’t to take away from either kid’s talent. Again, it’s still really early in the recruiting season, so their lack of offers and national attention at a point in the game where only a few dozen or so recruits are getting any isn’t something to be so concerned with. Both kids can play, as their hudl highlights show (here are Johnson’s, and here are Perry’s). And there’s still a whole year for them to improve and grow before we can definitively talk about what Florida is actually getting in them.

4 thoughts on “DB Spencer Perry, WR Isaiah Johnson commit to Florida

  1. I’m not sure how much longer we should be expected to wait to land some top recruits. Granted, these kids aren’t bad, but once we land that first blue chip, the rest of the dominoes will start to fall

    1. Well come on now. Do you realize how often and how quickly ranking change? for example a player’s ranking can change before a down of football is played.

      For example if Saban and Meyer both recruit a kid who already has offers from some big programs he could conceivably got from 3 star to 4 star just on that a lot alone. Then there is actually his development during the year.

      JM and company actually have a history of finding and developing talent, unlike Muschamp who had been a very good opportunist at riding the coattails of his prestigious bosses’ recruiting prowesses

  2. I am wondering how many receivers UF is going to take this year? I wouldn’t be surprised if they take five, or even more. What is surprising is that both of the current members, Wells and Johnson, are not highly rated. The state of Florida alone has fifteen that are members of the ESPN 300, and Wells and Johnson are not among them. I’ve never seen the state loaded with so many great wide receivers. Added to that is the fact that UF should be able to get another highly rated receiver from Georgia since they have his older brother on the team already, UF should be able to get some wide outs that are at least four star prospects. Added to that is the fact that Miami and FSU are not going to be competition for most of the receivers in Florida. Miami already has three members of the ESPN 300 at the position, which only leaves room for a couple more, at best. FSU has one member of the ESPN 300 and will probably only take one more because they have killed it in getting receivers the past two years. UF needs to step it up and get a couple of these highly rated receivers that are like low hanging fruit, it shouldn’t take much effort. The problem may be that recruits are wary of UF because the offense has sucked the past five years, and the new staff is not saying anything they haven’t heard before. They might be from Missouri, and believe in “Show Me” and are awaiting the season to see if UF really has changed or the culture at Florida of having a crappy offense is ingrained.

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