Podcast: Dave Jones, NWB and Neil Shulman discuss Florida’s next potential coach

With the way IAKOW has been expanding recently, it was only a matter of time before we did a podcast.

Featuring special guest David Jones, the Gators beat writer for the Florida Today, Neil W. Blackmon, another IAKOW contributor and yours truly- Neil Shulman- this podcast explores all sorts of different possibilities for Jeremy Foley after Florida got walloped by Missouri in the Swamp. Some of them… you’ve definitely heard before. Some you may have and may not have heard before. And some you definitely have not heard before. But that’s the fun of getting three Gator sports writers together and speculating together.

They’ve been broken down into four YouTube videos, all embedded in the playlist below. (After the first video finishes, it should move right on to the next one. If it doesn’t, just hit the “next” button, pointing to the right, on the bottom left of the screen.) All put together, it’s a little under an hour. Enjoy!


One thought on “Podcast: Dave Jones, NWB and Neil Shulman discuss Florida’s next potential coach

  1. One of Muschamp’s first critics after last year’s Vandy game? Are you kidding me? The first critics were when he was hired, and then during the season when he went 11-2 and we saw he was lucky to win half of those games

    Muschamps’ defenses have not been fantastic? are you kidding me? that’s the only reason we went 11-2 his 2nd season. It’s the only bright star we have under his tenure. they’ve been more than good – they’ve failed because of WM failure on the offensive side of the ball.

    Also, get a better mic if you are going to do more podcasts. too much background noise.

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