Premier Offensive Lineman Jessamen Dunker Becomes Sixth Gator Commit for 2012

See… I told you, Florida is just fine with recruiting.

Jessamen Dunker, one of the top offensive linemen in the country, has committed to Florida. Here’s why, according to him:

“I’ve been thinking about everything and whenever I thought about what school offered me the most it always came to Florida,” Dunker said. “It was always my top school.”

Well, isn’t that nice?

Will Muschamp is on a roll now, and why should he stop now? The Gators are in the mix for several more top offensive linemen, not to mention at least 40 other current high school juniors (kids my age!!! Wow… I’ve got to quit thinking that these guys are so much older than me!!!)

That’s pretty good news there, right?


It gets better.

Dunker has agreed to become a nonofficial assistant recruiter for Muschamp. He plans to talk to other high school athletes considering Florida, and has already talked to Latroy Pittman and Matt Jones, two verbal UF commits.

Now the question is, who are the Gators getting next?

2 thoughts on “Premier Offensive Lineman Jessamen Dunker Becomes Sixth Gator Commit for 2012

  1. Go Gators! This guy is a stud and I love knowing he will be recruiting for us. Its some o-lineman that would love to play next to this guy. BOOM!

  2. Whoever thought Muschamp would have are hard time recruiting players needs to have their head examined. They don’t call him BOOM for nothin’.
    Welcome aboard Jessamen Dunker!

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