Rainesville At Its Worst: Florida-Idaho Will Not Be Made Up

Looks like Valdez Showers’ kick return will go to waste.

It’s a shame, too. That one play- a 64 yard kick return- was better than all of 2013. But we will have to wait another week to see an officially recognized play:

The UAA officially announced it a half hour later (yes, we broke it before they did- great job to my two sources) and that was that; Florida will only play 11 games this season. It really came down to money and neither team wanting to play on October 25. December was thrown out there as a possibility by Idaho, but I have to believe that was just to create headlines; Idaho’s a perennial cellar dweller, and are struggling mightily in recruiting. Getting their name out there in any way, shape or form helps them ever so slightly. There’s no way Florida’s playing any game in December that isn’t an SEC Championship or a bowl game unless they absolutely HAVE to (Tennessee in 2001).

As I explained earlier in the week, I’m fine with that. It’s one less game we as fans have to worry about our players getting injured, and after last year, I’m all for that. As much as I love Gator football, and as much as being robbed of an easy win pisses me off after going 4-8 last year, I realize that it’s what’s best for the Florida Gator football team, and thus, am fully supportive of the UAA’s decision.

I do, after all, want this season to be as successful as it can be, and I believe that two cupcake games to start the year is plenty. In addition to the injury concerns I just voiced, three straight easy wins might give the team the wrong sort of confidence (hey, we’re one win short of last year’s win total a quarter of the way into the season). I want no part of a celebration where everybody¬†does keg stands for sledgehammering three of Division 1-A’s worst 20 teams in consecutive weeks. I’d rather obliterate two of them, and then face Alabama while we’re feeling good- but not too good- about ourselves as a team.

So now, we turn our attention to Eastern Michigan.¬†It’s supposed to rain (and thunder) again, but I can’t see a second straight game being called off. Let’s assume we’re playing football, go out there and support those Gators for a real game just like we did for a non-game last week.

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