RT Login Module

Often there’s a need for a nice clean login module to complete the new professional site you are working on. However, the default Joomla! login module uses some ugly tables and you can’t turn of certain things to get that svelte look you want so badly. RocketTheme has created a modified version of the default Joomla! login module built to fill this need and you can see it in action on the left side of this demo site.

To implement this login module on your site, just follow these easy steps:

  • Installation

    Download the mod_rt_login.zip archive from the Sporticus download section of the RocketTheme Joomla! Club. Login in to your administratior console on your Joomla! website and navigate to the Installers menu item, and select Modules from the dropdown menu. In the Upload Package File section, click the Choose File button and select the mod_rt_login.zip file you downloaded earlier. Next click the Upload File & Install button to install the module.

  • Publishing

    Now the module is installed it must be published in the appropriate module position and configured to suite our needs. From the top menu, select Modules then Site Modules. This will take you to the Site Module Manager which allows you to configure the placement and configuration of all modules in your joomla website. Click on the module named RT Login Form to edit the module.

  • Configuration

    The next step is to configure the module to your needs, the configuration used in this demo is shown in the images on the right. Click on them to reveal full size versions. The key parts to modify are as follows:

    • Change the name of the module to Member Login
    • Ensure the module is published in the correct position, banner is the preferred location for Sporticus
    • Published is set to Yes
    • Choose the Pages/Items where this module should be shown. The easiest solution is to choose All
    • Lastly, this module has two new properties to cut down on the visual clutter, so we set the Forgot Password Link to Hide and the Auto-Remember property to True