Source: Treon Harris Will Not Be Charged

Right when Treon Harris’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, said that he’d be surprised if Harris was ever charged, I developed a feeling that he wouldn’t.

This feeling was confirmed by a source who told me that Harris will not be charged.

I’m still not surprised, really. Not with the reports that said the evidence against Harris was “shaky at best“, the aforementioned statement by his attorney that he’d be surprised if Harris was ever charged, and the general lack of evidence that led another source to tell David Jones that it would be a “he said, she said situation“.

Now, the fact that he won’t be charged technically doesn’t clear him of wrongdoing. Hypothetically speaking, he may have done something he shouldn’t have (though I really do not believe he did). It’s just that my sourceĀ believes it will not be enough to incriminate Harris.

Then again, with the wild week we’ve had so far, nothing would surprise me at this point.

11 thoughts on “Source: Treon Harris Will Not Be Charged

  1. Neil, will the University be as expedient in his reinstatement as they were in his suspension if this is true?
    Also, shouldn’t he be allowed to play on Saturday, or are University admistrators overly concerned that the sensitivity of this issue is still too inflammatory to the public perception to risk it?

  2. I think you need to change your wording a bit. Huntley Smith is the school’s lawyer.


  3. They will wait on DNA.

    The University HAD to suspend Harris until this is straightened out. And Treon’s case he needs to be exonerated or found guilty. Do you really want this hanging over the University and Harris? Look at the stigma lingering over FSU. This could be a Duke Lacrosse case or Arron Hernandez?

    I hope that this goes very fast and Harris can get back to a normal life BUT it should be used a “Teachable Moment”. I know these kids are young however, he never should have allowed himself to get into this situation.

    Bring back the Athletic Dorms and bed checks!!!

  4. These are Athletic Dorms they live in. They are co-Ed dorms in which the accuser lives there also.So you can’t blame him for getting hisself in this situation. However, I do feel that guy athletes and girl athletes need to be in different sleeping quarters.

  5. It took almost two years to decide whether or not to charge Winston at FSU. The comparison speaks for itself.

    1. This reminds me in some ways of the Winston deal – guilty until proven not guilty/not charged, except the accuser knew who it was from the get go. These kids need to get permission slips or texts.

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