Tebow Trade: Everybody Loses

Some people involved in this deal are morons.

Other people had no say.

Some others were simply apathetic.

Still others simply took what they felt was the opportunity available.

All of them lost.

We’ll start with the Broncos, who fall into the moron category.

From their point of view, I really struggle to see the logic in dumping Tebow so soon- even for Peyton Manning. John Elway said he did it because he wanted to win now. But if he had stopped and thought about it, this wasn’t the way to do it.

No, his best chance to win now would have been to keep Tebow, and draft some decent receivers- really, speed everywhere on offense. DeMaryius Thomas is one guy, but they need more. Load your roster with speed demons and run the offense Tebow ran at Florida. That won 8 games last year, admittedly with a strong defense to help out.

I can see why Elway wanted to get a guy like Peyton- because he’s an icon. But how good is Peyton after his neck injury? Sure, the doctors SAY he’s fine, but how about after Ray Lewis bodyslams him? How’s his condition then?

Even if Peyton is completely healed, he’s old. Really old. He just turned 36, which is old for any position, but especially for a QB. He only has two, maybe three more good years left. Considering the fact that Knowshon Moreno is in trouble with the law (shocker, a Georgia Bulldog in trouble with the law), the Broncos are very short on firepower- and thanks to Tebow’s late game heroics, they don’t even have a good draft pick to select a top college playmaker.

In order to win now, like Elway said, they need more than just Peyton. They need a big play hero.

They need Tim Tebow.

I would have no problem watching Tebow back up Peyton Manning, learning from one of the game’s best. I have no problem with Peyton Manning, either, even though he is, well, a Vol (that I am quick to point out… never beat Florida… not in four tries). He handled the whole thing with class, even though the Broncos aren’t a great choice to try to lead to a Super Bowl. They simply aren’t equipped with the overall talent to win it all, even with Manning. And for those of you that want to point to how bad the Colts were last year without Manning… remember, Dwight Freeney, one of the game’s best defensive players, was also out for the year. As good as Manning is, I don’t like his chances of winning a Super Bowl in Denver.

But the Broncos foolishly ditched the guy that resurrected a 1-4 team and turned them into a playoff team… to the Jets.

Again, I have no problem with Tebow backing up Manning. That’s one thing. Backing up Mark Sanchez, one of the game’s worst QB’s, is quite another.

As a long time Jets hater, I was disgusted with the Jets. They’re at it again. Trading for big name players just to sell some jerseys. They’re a lot like the Yankees. Except, you know, without the winning tradition.

But even looking at it without my orange and blue glasses, I don’t see the logic in this.

Did Rex Ryan really just trade for Tebow because he expected him to “back up” Sanchez, or “run a special Wildcat package”?

No, the real reason he traded for him was because he wanted to learn a discreet way to check out people’s feet, and what more surruptitious way to do it than by Tebowing? By learning how to properly do the Tebow, he has a week’s supply of foot images.

Get real.

You really think this walking icon is going to sit around and play Sanchez’s backup?

Why not?

Fair question.

For one thing, um, Sanchez absolutely sucks. He is very inaccurate, has horrible field vision and makes bad decisions. He was able to hide behind a great defense in 2009, and again in 2010, and “led” the Jets to the AFC title game in each of those years. The Jets proceeded to lose both of them when the Colts and Steelers, respectively, exposed Sanchez for what he is: CFL material.

Then, in 2011, with no defense to use as a shield, he went 8-8 as a starter and missed the playoffs. Now all the blame from the fickle Jets fan base rains down on him. Here’s a bulletin: he didn’t have a bad year. He was always bad.

Nothing the Jets’ front office tried to boost his confidence worked: naming him the captain, a huge contract extension, hauling in big name receivers like Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress, etc.

Maybe last Thursday was opposite day for the simpletons in the Jets’ front office. Maybe it was “Kill Sanchez’s confidence after building it up for three years Day”. Maybe they just got tired of trying to boost his confidence and wanted to see how much damage they could cause to it with one shot. Call it what you like, but somehow, I don’t think that trading for Tebow is going to boost his confidence at all.

OK, so we’ve got the most obnoxious and impatient fan base in the NFL, and an icon playing backup QB. Now we’re going to play a little game. It’s called Guess What Happens Next? Maybe you’re familiar with it from Tosh.o. This is where I give you a scenario, and you readers guess what happens next.

Sanchez throws a pick 6 on the first drive of the 2012 season- or at any moment, really.

Guess what happens next?

If you guessed that the Jets fans would be angry enough to voice their opinions in the form of boos, you’re right? Other acceptable answers were: “Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!”, “Sanchez sucks! Sanchez sucks! Sanchez sucks!” and “We Want Tebow!” Thanks for playing!

So we’ve covered how Sanchez loses, but how about the Jets themselves?

Well, that one is kind of tricky. They only lose as long as Tebow is not the starting QB as long as Sanchez isn’t suddenly playing like Tom Brady. But until they make Tebow the starting QB, they lose big, because you can bet the fans will let Ryan have it. And as long as Sanchez is the starter with this kind of pressure on him, he won’t play well, which means the Jets will probably lose.

What about Tebow?

He actually can win in this situation- but again, ONLY if he is made the starter. If he is a backup, he loses too, for obvious reasons (he was the starter for most of last season with Denver, and did well).

But, I guess we just have to wait and see how this plays out. We’ll never know for sure until they play games.

Oh and bone- how about my boy Eli Manning?