The Treon Harris saga is over: Harris will return against Missouri

Perhaps it was Tampa Gator who said it best in the comments section of my last update today: “Gotta love Fridays”. Well, Treon Harris and Florida fans everywhere are loving this Friday, anyway.

Finally, at last, this horrible nightmare is over. The alleged victim recanted her claim today and it all took off from there. Treon Harris has been reinstated, his suspension has been lifted and he will rejoin his teammates tomorrow on the sidelines against LSU. He will not play against this set of Tigers, but he will be able to play against next week’s set of Tigers from Missouri in a game that could be much bigger than the one tomorrow.

The reason he isn’t playing against LSU is simple; he hasn’t been allowed to practice all week. That’s all. Well, that and the fact that Jeff Driskel would have started anyway. There is nothing more to it than that.

Here’s Muschamp’s statement on the matter: “We have been notified that the University and legal process is complete. Treon has been reinstated to the team, but he will not play. This has been a learning experience for everyone involved. Treon has been honest with me throughout the whole process and is looking forward to rejoining his teammates.”

The girl who made the story up deserves anything and everything that comes as a result of this, don’t get me wrong, but that shouldn’t be our focus as Florida fans. We have a real season to focus on. Florida controls their own destiny in the SEC East, but a loss tomorrow will erase that barring a Missouri loss to Georgia. But this Gator team shouldn’t lose to LSU, even with Driskel. If the Gators do manage to hold serve in the Swamp, they’ll face Missouri either with a confident Driskel or a rejuvenated Harris, and I’m liking the Gators’ chances in that game as well.