The Weis Blimp Chugs To Kansas, But Do We Really Care?

I never wanted Charlie Weis fired, but only because I never want a coach fired in his first season.

But let’s be honest: what did he do for our program?

No more making fun of Urban Meyer. He won two BCS Championships. Charlie Weis won six games.

How to ditch a program, starring Charlie Weis.

Sounds like a movie title to me.

Weis has taken the head coaching job at Kansas effective immediately. Running backs coach Brian White will serve as offensive coordinator for the Gator Bowl against Ohio State and will continue to serve as interim offensive coordinator until Muschamp finds a replacement.

This may affect recruiting drastically, but one big target that wasn’t swayed was star tight end Colin Thompson. This was from his facebook page:

“Sorry for not getting back to everyone tonight about Coach Weis leaving UF, i am happy for him and I wish him the best. I am still a Gator and always will be a Gator. Hope everyone can come out to the game tomorrow night vs ACC at Northeast high school at 7pm”

Well, that’s good. But what a lying scumbag our offensive genius turned out to be.

He was supposed to be our hero, our savior, the guy who resurrected John Brantley’s career and got Florida back to national prominence. He was supposed to be the guy that erased Steve Addazio’s ineptitude and be the play-calling genius he was hailed as all his life.

Yeah… that never quite happened.

Honestly, there wasn’t anybody happier than Ryan was about the Weis hire, except for me. Both of us were giddy when we saw that Muschamp had chosen him as our offensive coordinator. I said in one of my first posts on this site that Weis would probably be here a long time, and if he wasn’t it would be because he either dropped dead or lied.

But we ignored the warning signs that came with each of Weis’ four tons.

The lies.

Specifically, the family lies that we haven’t heard for a whole year.

Florida was perfect because his wife was interested in horses, and because there was a perfect school for his special needs daughter nearby. Oh, sorry, ladies, but now I’m gonna move us out of here because I feel it’s necessary for myself. Never mind the fact that you just got comfortable. It’s about me. Never mind that my son goes to UF and wants to be a grad assistant under me.

Family is supposedly why Weis came to UF in the first place. But haven’t we heard that before? Didn’t our last head coach tell eerily similar stories about family, family, family?

Whatever. He didn’t help us at all, so let’s be done with him now. Just because the guy needs a crane to leave his house doesn’t mean it’s OK for him to play ding dong ditch with our program, but he did it and it’s over.

Now, the Gators must find a REAL offensive coordinator after employing back to back dunderheads.

The good news is that it’s a very appealing job for the top offensive minds.

I’d like to get Kerwin Bell, for many reasons. First, he’s a Gator through and through, which is never a bad thing. Second, it’s a job that he would PROBABLY hold for a long time because of the first reason. Because he is currently the Jacksonville Dolphins head coach, and because the University of Florida basically has two head football coaches (one for offense, one for defense), it’s seen as both a promotion and less pressure for him. Obviously, JU to UF is a gigantic step up, and going from head coach to offensive coordinator means less to have to worry about.

Third, it would be great for recruiting. For Bell to be able to say to a kid that he’s looking to really launch himself, and he needs talent like you to do it is enormous. It means all the world to the kid and his family to hear something like that.

Finally, the offense he runs is exciting, and must feature GOOD BLOCKING, which is something that has been overtly ABSENT from our football team.

There are other options, but the one that not many people are thinking about is none other than thebone’s favorite: Kevin Sumlin. Think: he would get to work with Jeff Driskel and Jacoby Brissett, and the jump from Houston to Florida in prestige is huge, and he would still be in control of his own offense.

That’s the situation all the hotshot young offensive geniuses would face at UF. They would get to run their own offense, like they did as head coach of a less prestigious school, and wouldn’t have to worry about hiring assistant coaches for defense because Coach BOOM employs men who helped make Florida’s defense 10th in the nation.

But from the other perspective, I’m not so sure the Gators want a young hotshot. It goes something like this: if you’re an offensive coordinator outside the SEC and SEC fans know your name, you’re about to become a head coach in the foreseeable future. That’s why I don’t want Gus Malzahn. He would only be a one year solution. I want somebody who would be here at least three. Malzahn (and other big names like him) has bigger aspirations than sharing a head coaching job. Bell would not for at least a couple of years, and it would be Sumlin’s last stop before taking full control of his own program.

Wanting Kevin Sumlin is a bit of a reach, but I would take him in a heartbeat. Kerwin Bell appears to be the best long term (three years or more) solution that also seems the most likely to accept the position.

It’s all speculation, and we’ll see how things play out.

One thing is for sure: Charlie Weis has more tons in his person than ethics.

3 thoughts on “The Weis Blimp Chugs To Kansas, But Do We Really Care?

  1. Sumlin is almost a guarantee at Texas A&M but I feel you Neil that would be great. Bell is my choice but then again im not a power booster so I have no say so.

  2. The problem is you expected Weis to “resurrect” Brantley. He wasn’t broken; he’s just not an FBS elite level QB.

    Since it didn’t happen, rather than admit JB was an overhyped flop who was forced on the last staff forcing them to leave and seek Weis who also could not make him better and left after a year, you’ve fallen back into your old ways. The Steve Adazzio letters are back. That’s how bad JB was – rather than admit JB was so bad even Weis couldn’t help him, it’s back to the Adazzio letters.

    That’s because people are now struggling to accept the fact that Adazzio wasn’t as bad as they thought, but everyone needs their Nixon so it persists.

    Sumlin is off the table as A&M scooped him up, and so is Fedora. However, Art Briles is there for the taking. Briles is a Mike Leach Air Raid disciple. He got took Houston out of the toilet and put them on the upswing before handing it over to his pal Sumlin. He took Baylor from Satan’s septic tank to the top half of the BCS rankings; now is the time to get him while his stock is high. He clearly knows how to build. Oh, let’s not forget he produced RG3.

    It would be easy to say “his alma mater is Texas Tech” and my counter is “yes, and he saw how the regents and boosters as Texas Tech screwed his buddy and former boss when he got too good at his job.

    People talked about WM’s supposed Texas pipeline because he was there for 3 years; Briles is from Texas. Briles has been coaching in Texas since 1979. He’s never left Texas except for road trips. Including his playing as a youth, that’s 50 years of roots in Texas.

    If I am Foley, I am selling the boosters at this very moment because it won’t be long before someone grabs him. And one of those teams might be the Longhorns.

    Bell might be an OC option. I might prefer him to go Sun Belt for a few years before turning over Florida to him. However, the thing I like about Bell’s offense is he has vast experience playing MY football which is, sorry to say, more exciting than the game you folks play.

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