Treon Harris Update: Evidence Is Shaky At Best, But Investigation Could Take Weeks

It hasn’t been the best of days for Florida Gator fans, to put it mildly.

If you somehow missed it (and the only legitimate excuse at this point is to have to been on a transatlantic jet all day), our QB- Treon Harris, Tennessee game hero- has been suspended indefinitely after being accused of sexual assault.

But before we jump to conclusions, let me remind you of something: he has not been arrested, or charged or with a crime. All the accusations are at this time are just that: accusations. I don’t use bold much on my articles, but I felt that this particular instance warranted it.

Harris’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, echoed these statements and then made a potentially telling one of his own. Johnson said that he would be surprised if any charges were ever filed. Now, of course, this is Harris’s lawyer speaking, and not Will Muschamp, Bernie Machen or a chief of police. But still, when you hear a defendant’s attorney speaking with such certainty (though “surprised” does leave the door open for arrest as a possibility), it makes you feel somewhat better about Harris’s chances of being innocent.

Even more so, though, is the source that spoke with David Jones of the Florida Today. The source told Jones that the “evidence is shaky at best,” and that the case would turn into a “he said, she said situation”. That’s the good (or, less bad news). The bad news is that the same source also said that completion of the investigation “could take several weeks”. Unfortunately, Will Muschamp has no real choice but to suspend Harris anyway- and barring a confession from the alleged victim that she made the whole thing up (a la Brian Banks), Harris will (likely) not be allowed to play until the investigation is complete, even if it does take several weeks.

I hope Treon Harris didn’t do this. I really want to believe that he’s innocent. But if he did sexually assault a student, he has no business setting foot on the UF campus ever again.

Unfortunately, we may not know the answer to this for a few weeks.

5 thoughts on “Treon Harris Update: Evidence Is Shaky At Best, But Investigation Could Take Weeks

  1. I believe UF acted immediately and correctly in this matter.

    It’s really a crime against women, that FSU hasn’t done anything about THEIR starting qb, except start an investigation two years later, because they have to.

  2. I am so shaken over this recent allegation. I firmly believe that EVERYONE deserves to know the truth about these allegations. I can only trust in what the investigation uncovers. I do not want to believe that one of our beloved GATORS would do such a thing to anyone! I am not judge nor jury and will not verbally assault anyone as to whether these allegations are true or not. If they are true, then I will be very disappointed, hurt and angry, and would stand behind a decision for the alleged perpetrator to be punished by our legal system. However, if the allegations are found to be false, then I feel that the alleged victim should also be punished legally. NO MEANS NO, but to accuse another person of such a serious crime is unspeakable. It that is the case, and I am not saying it is or it is not, but if it is, then the alleged victim should be ashamed of the position that they have not only placed Treon Harris in, but the mark they make on the school, not to mention other women. We live in a society that takes such allegations very serious. I applaud the University at how quickly they have responded to these allegations. I pray that Treon is found to be innocent of these allegations, but if he is not, then he does not represent the University, the team nor all man kind for his actions and should be dealt with accordingly. It is a very sad day for the University of Florida. My school that I love and Adore.

  3. Michael- ca you please just read an article of factual information before you post something idiotic? Fsu approached the “victim” multiple times about title IX and she refused to cooperate. Go read Winston’s lawyers 13 page document that was released last week……..Davida- you are seriously going to “pray that Treon is found innocent of these allegations”????….how about you “pray for justice” and leave it at that…..and just like with Greg dent (fsu) and Treon, fsu would have suspended winston if the girl didn’t have numerous significant holes in her story…..I will not sit hear and smear Treon however like everyone did with winston until all the facts come out!

    1. Usuck, why can’t u post with ur real name?

      My main point is that UF acted, FSU never did. If they had immediately suspended Jameis, done their investigation, and reinstated him… his name would have been cleared quicker in that mater.

      And what about all the other bs he’s been up too?

      And don’t expect me to believe the Tallahassee popo, or an attorney…

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