‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Gainesville…

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the land, teams prepared for their bowl games bringing along their students and bands.

‘Twas a time to have fun, and celebrate a good season, that is, if you won six games or more and had a good reason.

‘Twas the case for FSU and Auburn, along with scores of Broncos, Hurricanes, Ducks and Red Raiders, and Sooners, Gamecocks, and Bulldogs… but not Gators.

Because from the man Florida fans once called Boom, came a season void of joy, but filled with gloom.

The Gators were downright pathetic, and could never get out of their own way, leading to losses to Vandy, Miami, and the third straight to UGA.

Not to mention the most embarrassing of all, a loss to FCS team Georgia Southern- oh, how the mighty can fall.

Muschamp’s job is in trouble, and rightfully so, if he can’t win the East next year, he’ll be back where he belongs (in Athens, GA) before Santa gets out the first “ho”.

Penalties and turnovers have perennially plagued this Gator football team, and yes, it’s a living nightmare, not just a dream.

For the third straight year, the offense was worse than 100 out of 123, and I know a ton of guys who could call a better game than Brent Pease, including me. (That’s only half joking. I was a grad assistant for my high school football team for three years).

But not all is negative in the land of the Chomp, for it seems the boys of the hardwood have discovered the art of the romp.

Young has grown into a leader, and damn, can Frazier shoot threes, while Scottie puts on moves that can twist ankles and knees.

Though the offense is less explosive, the arrival of Doe-Doe, and of Kasey Hill, have given Gator fans hope for the ultimate April thrill.

Through a schedule of hell, Billy’s 9-2 team appears calm and poised, and on a mission to cut down the nets in Jerry’s Palace to a rousing “We Are the Boys”.

No matter the team’s record, it truly is great to be a Florida Gator, because suffering more now means enjoying the good times more later.

So as bad as Florida football currently is, the times will someday get better, and I will patiently cheer the Gators on until then, no matter the coach, In All Kinds of Weather.

Seriously, though, merry Christmas from all of us here at In All Kinds Of Weather to those who celebrate it. I personally don’t, but for those who do, enjoy your time with your family, and go Gators!

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  1. Good stuff! Thanks for the Christmas wishes, Neil. I’d say same to you but I know you’re Jewish. So enjoy the time off from school.

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