Two site announcements

We’ve got two exciting things to announce today.

The first of these regards our social media presence, particularly Facebook. Many of you may be familiar with the popular Facebook Page Gator Nation Unite, which had well north of 20K likes and has been around (at least) since this website was called Fire Steve Addazio in 2010. Well, I’m excited to announce that In All Kinds Of Weather’s Facebook page has merged with Gator Nation Unite. The moderator of that page, Alex Pickett, basically ran that page the same way I run IAKOW, both the site itself and our various social media handles, so for those of you that have been following GNU for a long time, don’t worry, virtually nothing is going to change other than the name and the affiliation with this website.

On the same note, I’m proud to introduce Alex Pickett as our site’s co-director of social media, along with myself. He’s built Gator Nation Unite into what it is today, and because of our near identical approaches to how we appeal to audiences, it’s only logical to let him keep doing what he’s been doing. Again, what you’ve seen from Gator Nation Unite content wise thus far is pretty much what you’ll be seeing going forward, because the majority of what you see will be from him.

The second announcement is a brief one, concerning the release time of our upcoming pump up video for 2015 Gator football. It will be out at 7:30pm, and it features a special surprise at the end, so keep your eyes peeled for that.