Tyler Wilson Looks Great in Arkansas Spring Game… Panic Time Yet?

Put simply, Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson looked fantastic in the Red-White game in Fayetteville.

John Brantley did not.

As much as a “don’t take this too seriously” article is always much better for you and me, I have to be honest- this is a BAD sign for Florida.

Tyler Wilson and John Brantley both excited fans for the future by looking great in mop up duty (though Wilson did it against Auburn in a tight game) for star QB’s.

Ryan Mallett and Tim Tebow were two fantastic players.

They had to leave someday.

One has a set replacement, the other doesn’t.

And strangely enough, the guy who’s job is set in stone is the guy who will be a first year starter, NOT the guy who’s a second year starter.

That’s what really scares me. Brantley has a whole year of experience, yet Jeff Driskel can take his job at any given second, while Wilson would have to get injured for Brandon Wilson to have a shot.

Guys, this is NOT GOOD.

And I would say not to worry, except that Brantley did not exactly play like Tom Brady in his own spring game. Of course, there was no pass rush resistence but still. Plus, Arkansas lost 3 starters on its offensive line, so while they did have bodies to block for Wilson, four of them on Wilson’s squad have never started a game (the remaining o-line starters were placed on opposing teams).

So it wasn’t like Wilson had all day to do what he pleased.

This is my first hint that I will eventually turn on Brantley. I hate to do it; he’s a great kid and a loyal Gator. But then Steve Addazio was a fifth year coach for Florida when he started, and, well… enough of that.

The point is that this is the first legitimate warning sign. Addazio’s first hint came during the Tennessee game of 09, and like I am here, I was cautiously expressing that, it’s not definite yet, but this guy may suck.

Did he ever.

So: is it panic time yet?

The short answer is no. It won’t be panic time until you get a slew of examples on your side, at least five of them. Until then, you can just say he’s learning. But I draw the line at five. That was why I excused Addazio for all of 2009, because he’d call a decent game (ie Tebow could run up the middle better than Jeff Demps) after a poor on, plus he was a first year coordinator (for Florida, anyway).

So why am I comparing Brantley to Addazio?

Well, he played for him… but also because they may turn out to have the same impact on Florida when it’s all said and done.

Again, I’m rooting for Brantley, if for nothing else because I want to see the kid that’s loyal to Florida succeed.

But there’s one other reason.

He’s playing for Addazio’s bad reputation.

If John Brantley becomes elite, it will be official: Addazio will be known as the worst offensive coordinator of all time.


6 thoughts on “Tyler Wilson Looks Great in Arkansas Spring Game… Panic Time Yet?

  1. That was Wilson’s first spring game as a starter, Brantley’s first year he looked good also. I have to wait and see he may turn out to be a “bust” just like John.

  2. Yep this is definitely a concern. All we can do is hope (pray) that John actually comes out and looks like Aaron Rodgers. I kind of doubt that he will but stranger things have happened. I think…

  3. I am still giving Brantley a chance, but if he throws 5 touchdowns against FAU I will still not be convinced he will be a good QB. He did good last year against crappy teams not the best, but pretty good. I want to see him do good in a tough game before I believe in him. Also if he is going to suck I hope he goes ahead and sucks in the FAU game that way he doesn’t lose a game for us.

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