Vanderbilt QB/WR Josh Grady, Oregon State QB Luke Del Rio transfer to Florida

Florida’s QB depth chart was down to two bodies- Will Grier and Treon Harris- after Skyler Mornhinweg transferred to Columbia, but now it’s back up to four.

Vanderbilt QB/WR Josh Grady, who graduated from Vanderbilt this past year, has decided to transfer to Florida. Grady, who’s from Tampa, played both receiver and QB at Vanderbilt, but after three years of being buried on the Commodores’ depth, he decided to move closer to home to finish his college career. He will be eligible to play immediately in 2015.

In three years at Vanderbilt, Grady was 3-7 for 27 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions. He fared little better as a receiver, catching seven passes for 89 yards. But despite those meager stats, Grady is a valuable get. Or at least he could turn out to be.

On the surface, this seems like nothing more than a safety net, but Gator fans only have to go back two years in time to see what happens when you don’t have a (serviceable) third string QB. In fact, Florida has had some sort of QB controversy/dilemma every year since 2010. This depth chart problem could be sort of solved for the future on the back end if Dwayne Haskins commits to Florida today, but a) that seems like a long shot and b) he wouldn’t get to Florida until next year, as the Gators need a third string QB now, for 2015. And hey, you could do worse for a third string QB being a senior transfer from Vanderbilt.

A few hours later, the announcement was made that former Oregon State QB Luke Del Rio decided to join him. It’s his second transfer, after going from Alabama to Oregon State. Like Grady, Del Rio has very limited experience playing QB. Unlike Grady, Del Rio has yet to graduate, so he’ll have to sit out a year and wait until 2016.

5 thoughts on “Vanderbilt QB/WR Josh Grady, Oregon State QB Luke Del Rio transfer to Florida

  1. So we’re supposed to get excited that a third string QB from the worst team in the SEC is transferring to UF? Come on, Neil. I love your work and your site, but this is pure click bait.

    1. It’s click bait how exactly? Florida got a transfer from Vandy. It’s Gator football news. Neil gets paid to report news. Maybe it’s not the most exciting piece of news I’ve ever seen, but it’s news nonetheless. You want to attack Neil, attack the other dozen news outlets that wrote up a piece on this.

      1. It’s a non story. None of us are ever gonna hear of this guy again barring 2013 happening all over again. And then we’ll have bigger problems.

  2. Del Rio has a better chance of playing than Grady, IMO. Saw his highlights for some reason in one of my 3am YouTube browsing sessions and was impressed, then I went to sleep and never thought about him again. Florida could do worse for a third string QB than Grady; they could do a lot worse for a third string QB than Del Rio.

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