What Steve Addazio Has Cost Florida (And Boy, It’s Still Hurting Us As We Speak)

Still stuck on Addazio, huh? Yeah, I am, because I want to just clear a few things up. If anybody does not know why Gator fans hate Addazio, look no further than right here.

I’m going to show you, in real figures, just how much Steve Addazio cost the Gators and it’s all still hurting Florida now.

1) 2009 SEC and BCS Championship

This one is self explanatory. I’ve already explained the strategy Kirby Smart used to stifle the offense in the SEC Title Game, and how Addazio just couldn’t quite do anything to get it started.

I’ll quickly recap it again: one man on Aaron Hernandez, one on the tailback (usually Demps), two to follow Tebow everywhere he went, one guy playing back deep just in case Addazio grew a pair and threw a deep ball, and the rest would try to crash the line of scrimmage and blow the play up before it ever got started.

But Addazio never changed strategy, and when he did throw a end zone ball, there was Javier Arenas, interception, good game, now let’s book a flight to LA.

Addazio’s failure to even try something different cost the Gators a shot to write the perfect ending of Tim Tebow’s story.

2) Respect

It’s simple. Nobody respected Florida last year, and Mississippi State and Dan Mullen especially. Mullen called one pass the whole second half, and not trying to score because he knew the 10 point lead was well secure.

What the hell? You don’t think the mighy Florida Gators can score 10 measly points in a half?

Not against Mississippi State, they couldn’t.

3) Urban Meyer

If Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio are a package, and they both leave or they both stay together then I’m happy that the former occurred. But if that wasn’t the case….

Look. Urban Meyer is certainly not the genius that everybody once that he was. He’s no mastermind. But he is a solid, winning, SEC coach.

Obviously, he had help. His assistant coaches were some of the best in the game. But Addazio so thoroughly brainwashed him that he couldn’t even speak out for himself anymore. This is not the Urban Meyer we are used to, and his decadence was 100% caused by, you guessed it, Addazio.

4) Recruits

Kelvin Benjamin walked into the Swamp for the LSU game an excited young man, anxious to see Florida go to work in the Swamp at night. He walked away a disgusted Seminole commit, and eventually signed with FSU.

Mike Bellamy, who was once upon a time a Gator commit, signed with Clemson and left during halftime of that same LSU game because the offense was boring.

The Gators also nearly lost AC Leonard on the spot. Thankfully, he reconsidered and signed with Florida.

There were numerous others but it kills me to think about it. Some include Ryan Shazier, Tim Jernigan and Nick Waisome.

5) 5 losses in 2010

Alabama I can live with. LSU I’m disgusted about, but I can live with. Mississippi State I can live with but just barely. South Carolina I cannot live with, and Florida State drives me into a blackout rage.

What’s a blackout rage? Imagine that you’re under heavy influence of alcohol, and your best friend just got shot. That should pretty much sum it up, up to and including destruction of inanimate objects foolish enough to stand in my path.

But now think about this- three straight losses AT HOME, AT NIGHT.

You gotta be f*ckin kidding me.

They should change the motto from the Swamp: where Only Gators Get Out Alive to the Swamp: where nobody but Riverboat Gamblers, former offensive coordinators who are not afraid to embarrass his successor, and former head coaches who are likewise not afraid to embarrass his former adulators, Get Out Alive.

In each game, Florida’a play-calling was repetitive and predictable as sunrise. But Addazio just never figured out how to adjust, and it cost Florida dearly in each game. Addazio never even realized that there was a problem, because he was too busy creating new ways for Brantley to throw check down interceptions on third and who-the-hell-knows-I-lost-track-somewhere-in-the-triple-digits.

This included the end of the dominance in the rivalry now called the Beach House Bowl, but hopefully Muschamp can pull UF out of it.


Basically, Florida is in its own Great Recession. No, not depression, because that was during Ron Zook’s tenure (though his seasons and 2010 were eerily similar).

But Muschamp can pull us out if it.

He’s already started to, saving Florida’s recruiting class, but he’s got a lot more work to do- he’s got to clean up the mess that the dunce before him (Addazio, not Meyer) left.

He needs to sweep the games in the Swamp, and he’ll have covered everything I listed, barring a 70 point loss to Georgia.

And I think that he WILL lower the BOOM and get this done, because, after all, we MUSt be CHAMPs under WILL “BOOM” MUSCHAMP.

Look at the bottom right corner of the screen, where the white sideline turns green. That’s Muschamp.


4 thoughts on “What Steve Addazio Has Cost Florida (And Boy, It’s Still Hurting Us As We Speak)

  1. [b]BOOM[/b] will definitely save us! He will fix what Dumbazio f#cked up.
    And on another note I completely understand what you mean by a Blackout Rage as I have had plenty of those my whole life, especially this past season. My family calls them my psychotic episodes. They’re not to pretty at all.

  2. During the Mississippi st game my wife had to pull me out of the stadium due to my black out rage, the only thing I could scream was very nasty things to Dumbazzio, something like ripping his b*lls and feeding them to him. Muschamp and Co. will right the ship sooner than the experts think. It all starts with a BOOM!

  3. Sounds like you had a pretty good black out rage there man. I wish I could have yelled obscenities at that clown.

  4. Man I was so pissed at Dumbazzio and that offense. Let’s just say next year I will have to take a buddy to the games the wife refuses to go with me because how I was going crazy. I was ready to riot lol.

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